Apple iPhone 7 Email Problems: Cannot send or receive emails, Mail app not working, email won’t sync, other email issues [Troubleshooting Guide]

More and more transactions can now be accomplished through mobile devices. Aside from texting and calling, many people are now transitioning to mobile email processing wherein the typical email (business or personal) transactions  are carried out through mobile email applications. Needless to say, many people especially those who are always on the go are benefited from this technology. However, not all have the same positive experience.

iPhone 7 email issues

It turns out that some mobile phone users who have attempted to use mobile apps for processing emails ended up having different issues including problems on sending emails, unable to receive emails, email won’t sync, and the like. Even some users of the new Apple iPhone 7 smartphone are also plagued with the same email problems while trying to process emails using the Mail app on their iPhone. Having these downsides can definitely be annoying especially to those who rely much on their mobile phones in dealing with important email transactions for businesses.

On the brighter side, email problems like these are software, thus can likely be resolved by end-users. In some rare cases where email problems are tied to a faulty hardware component on the iPhone, tech service is already necessary.

If you happen to bump into this page while searching for potential solutions in resolving email problems on the same iPhone handset, then this content might be able to help. Read further to determine what could have possibly caused you such trouble in using the Mail app for carrying out email transactions on your iPhone 7 and what are the ways for you to resolve the underlying cause on your end.

Before going any further though, if you have other concerns with your new iPhone, make sure you drop by our iPhone 7 troubleshooting page for we have already started supporting the device. Moreover, if you need further assistance, you can always contact us by completing our iPhone issues questionnaire and providing us with sufficient information about the problem.

Possible causes of Mail app errors/email problems on the iPhone 7

Many cases of email problems in mobile devices like the iPhone 7 are associated with network issues. Email processing requires active and stable network connections. This means that if network errors occur, then network services including emails are might as well affected. Other factors that can affect mobile emails would include but not limited to software glitches, incorrect email setup or server settings, account-related issues, and hardware problems.

Network issues

As mentioned earlier, network is among the key requisites for emails and other network-related services to work properly on your mobile phone. You won’t be able to send or receive emails if your phone is not connected to an active network or connected to a network that is not stable or having issues. Typically, you will be prompted with error messages pertaining to a network problem transpiring on your device. From that message you will find a hint on what went wrong what should be done to get your network up and running again. Once the network problem is fixed, you should be able to send and receive emails without anymore issues on your iPhone.

Software glitches

Sometimes your iPhone apps can become corrupted as manifested by random apps glitches. The iPhone 7 mail app is no exemption. When the Mail app glitches, most likely it won’t work as it should. An application can get corrupted or malfunction after making incorrect changes to certain settings or installing updates that contain bugs. Major software updates can also inflict similar problem to any application on the iPhone. But that is not always the case. In fact, many users have also claimed to obtain benefits from major iOS update installation on their iPhone. Others who are not that lucky ended up dealing with post-update issues including those that are related to emails.

Incorrect email setup or server settings

For emails to work properly in mobile devices, they have to be properly set up in the first place. This means that users should ensure that all email settings particularly server settings used during the email account setup on their iPhone are correct. Using of incorrect settings or improper configuration of the email account can likely result to problems in sending, receiving, or message syncing with the iPhone 7 mail app. Thus, if you opted to manually setup your email account on your device be sure to note use the right server settings and configure the account accordingly. If you are not sure of which settings to use during the setup process, then contact your email service provider (for personal email) or network administrator (for corporate email) to verify the correct server settings configuration.

Account issues

There are also some cases where the email problem is tied to an account issue. Some service providers or carriers would impose a temporary disconnect to accounts with issues that need to be settled. When a temporary disconnect or soft disconnection is imposed, outgoing services are restricted. As a result, you won’t be able to send messages including emails. Outgoing services typically resume once the account problem is resolved. If you suspect that your outgoing services, particularly email service is being barred by your carrier or service provider, give them a call to verify your account status.

Hardware damage

This is a rare and worst possible culprit to consider. This can’t be ruled out especially if there were prior incidents of dropping or liquid exposure that might have damaged some iPhone components, thus affecting its overall functionality including email services. Unfortunately, a tech service is mostly a requisite in the case where the hardware is to blame.

How to deal with email problems on your iPhone 7?

The following procedures can be used as potential solutions for email problems and errors in sending and receiving emails through the iPhone 7 Mail app. These methods have been found helpful by other iPhone users who have dealt with pertinent issues. While there is no guarantee that these solutions would generate the same positive result on your end, it wouldn’t hurt to take your chances and give any of them a try to see what happens.

Be sure to create a test mail after completing each method to determine if the problem has already been resolved. Proceed to the next applicable method if necessary.

Highlighted below are recommended solutions to specific problems or errors while using the iPhone 7 Mail app for email processing.

Problem on sending email: “Email was not sent!”

Recommended Solution: This error message indicates that the email you are trying to send did not go through or possibly routed to your Outbox instead. The first thing you need to do then is check your Outbox folder, locate the message, and then try to send it again. Here’s what you should do:


  • Open the Mail app.
  • Tap Mailboxes in the upper-left corner.
  • Tap Outboxes. If you do not see the email in the Outbox folder, then it means that your email was sent.
  • Otherwise, tap an email in the Outbox, make sure the recipient’s email address is correct and then tap Send.


Problem on logging into your email account: “Incorrect password entry!”

Recommended Solution: This error message indicates that the password you’ve entered is incorrect and so access to your email account is forbidden. To fix this problem, here’s what you can do:


  • Sign into your email provider’s website.
  • Check your email address and password.
  • Contact your carrier in case you have forgotten your password. They will be able to reset the password for your email address if necessary.


A special password might be necessary especially if a two-step verification is activated on the email account you are trying to access.

If none of these suggested solutions worked, then you may now proceed with the following troubleshooting procedures.

Method 1: Check and ensure that your network connection is active and stable

Email problems particularly on email syncing may occur due to unstable network connections. In cases like this, the mobile email platform is likely unable to establish a secure connection with the webmail account, thus unable to sync. To ensure that everything is fine with your network connectivity, check the network connection status on your iPhone. If you are attempting to access your email through webmail server, an active and stable Wi-Fi or Cellular Data connection is required.


  • To access or configure Wi-Fi settings on your iPhone 7, go to Settings-> Wi-Fi-> then toggle the Wi-Fi switch to turn on or enable the feature, if necessary.
  • To access or configure Cellular Data settings on your iPhone 7, go to Settings-> Cellular Data. If necessary, toggle the switch to turn on or enable Cellular Data on your device.


Alternatively, you can open the Control Center to access and configure Wi-Fi and Cellular Data network icons quickly. Simply swipe your finger up from the bottom of your Home screen to launch the Control Center where you can find the shortcut icons and controls to configure.

Method 2: Reboot your wireless modem/router

Rebooting the wireless modem or router is an effective solution to connectivity issues that occur to any devices in a network system. At home, your network setup starts from the router/modem. It is the main source of your home network. If something goes wrong with your connections at home like you’re unable to connect to the internet or cannot send or receive messages including emails, rebooting the modem or router can fix it. This process is often referred to as power cycle by ISP’s tech people. Basically, it refreshes and re-establish connection between the modem/router and your network service provider. All corrupt files affecting the device’s overall function will be rectified in the process.

Here’s how it’s done:


  • Turn off your modem/router by pressing the On/Off switch or Power button.
  • Unplug its power cord from the power source or outlet.
  • Leave it unplugged for at least 30 seconds.
  • After the elapsed time, plug it back in.
  • Press the Power button to turn the modem/router back on.
  • Wait until all lights on the modem/router are lit.
  • Once the modem/router completely reboots, try to restart your iPhone and then use the Mail app again to see if it is now working properly and that you can now send or receive email messages on your device.


To further check whether or not your iPhone 7 connectivity has resumed, try to open mobile browser app then navigate to a website or webpage. If the website or webpage opens, it means you’re already connected.

Method 3: Quit and restart the faulty email app on your iPhone 7

Sometimes, the problem is isolated in the Mail app or any email app you are using. It could occur among other random app glitches or system bugs. Corrupted files and faulty updates can trigger such errors to manifest. In this case, you can try quitting the erratic email application you are using on your iPhone and then open it again. Doing so will usually fix minor software glitches that are causing random errors and issues to occur while using the email app.

Follow these steps to quit and restart the faulty email app on your iPhone 7:

  • Double-press the Home button on your iPhone 7.
  • Look for the Mail app preview when the multitasking view appears.
  • Swipe the Mail app preview up and off the screen. Doing so will quit the Mail app.
  • Press or tap the Home button.
  • Tap the Mail icon to re-launch or re-open the app. If you are using other mobile email app on your iPhone, simply tap on the email app icon you are using.

Once the app is opened, try to create a test email to see if you can now send and receive it without any problem.

If for some reasons your iPhone freezes or becomes unresponsive as the email app gets corrupted, then you can force your iPhone to restart instead.

  • To do a force restart on the iPhone 7, press and hold the Sleep/Wake (Power) button and the Volume Down button simultaneously for at least 10 seconds and then release both buttons when the Apple logo appears.

Wait until the reboot is complete then open the email app to create a test email and see if it’s already working properly.

Method 4: Update iOS

Originally, your iPhone 7 comes with the iOS 10 platform. A few months later, a series of minor iOS updates have been rolled out by Apple. These updates contain some new features, system enhancements, and bug fixes. If you suspect that the problem is triggered by certain bugs, then updating your iPhone 7 iOS to the latest version available could possibly help you get the problem fixed.


  • To check for available iOS update for your iPhone, go to Settings-> General-> About-> Software Update.


You will be notified once an update is available. Whenever you’re ready, proceed with the update download and installation by tapping on the Download and Install button. Follow the rest of the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

Usually, your device will reboot once the update has been successfully installed. If necessary, reboot your iPhone 7 after the update installation. Create a test mail using your preferred email app and then see if it’s already working properly.

Method 5: Check and ensure your email settings are correct

Email settings including server settings must be configured correctly for your mobile email services to work properly beforehand. This is especially true if you opted to manually configure your email account on your iPhone. If you are not sure of which settings to enter on which field, contact your email service provider or carrier for email server settings verification.

Follow these steps to verify if the email settings for your Mail app are properly configured on your device:


  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Mail.
  • Select Accounts.
  • Tap to select your email account.
  • Tap your email address next to Account. Doing so will open the account information including the incoming and outgoing mail servers.
  • ·Verify and ensure the recommended settings for your email account are correct. You can use the Mail Settings Lookup to see if they’re similar with what’s showing on your screen.


Also be sure to check the value entered on the port number. If your email account uses port number 25, you will only be able to send email when you are connected to your email provider’s network.

For further assistance on what information to use during the email account setup, contact your email service provider or carrier.

Method 6: Delete and re-add your email account

This must be considered among other last resorts in fixing email issues on your iPhone 7. Removing the erratic email application may likewise remove certain bugs and corrupt files that caused the app to become dysfunctional. It is also an effective solution to email issues caused by incorrect settings.

Follow these steps to delete and re-add your email account:

  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap Mail-> then select Accounts.
  • Select the account that you’re having problem with.
  • Tap the option to Delete Account.
  • If prompted with a message, tap the option to Delete from My iPhone to continue.

Once the email account has been successfully deleted or removed, be sure to secure and ensure that all your email account settings are correct and then set up or add the account on your iPhone again. Here’s how:

  • Tap the Mail icon.
  • Select the email account type you want to create.
  • If prompted, enter all necessary details including your name, email address and password, and account description.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions that pop-up next.
  • Make sure you have entered the correct information required.

Again, contact your carrier or email service provider to make sure the information you entered is correct. Once you have successfully added the email account, you will be routed to your email inbox where you can view and open email messages you received. Messages will likewise download automatically  from your webmail account to your iPhone.  Alternatively, you can use iTunes to sync emails.

Seek more help

If the email problem on your iPhone 7 persists after performing all of the aforementioned troubleshooting methods, then at this point you may consider escalating the problem to the Apple Support team and ask for other options and recommendations.

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