iPhone 7 Connected To Wi-Fi But No Internet

Have you ever tried successfully connecting your phone to a Wi-Fi network but then when you try to access the Internet you are unable to do so? One of our readers who owns an #Apple #iPhone7 has this very same issue with the device. We will take a look at this particular problem and provide the necessary troubleshooting steps that needs to be done.

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iPhone 7 Connected To Wi-Fi But No Internet

Problem: Okay so I have the iphone 7 32gb on sprint. The problem is that it connects to wifi no problem (kinda takes a bit), but then there’s no internet. I can’t load anything and the wifi is working fine as I am using the wifi on a computer and on my moms phone. Also the phone doesn’t seem to say there is a problem with the wifi, and it even picks up when I turn off the modem that the wifi is still on but there’s no longer internet access (because the router is still fine). So I’m assuming the phone is able to pick up stuff just fine. I’ve restarted my phone, did a network restart and it still gives me problems. I have no problem connecting to other wifis and using their internet which is weird. My lte is working fine (slow, but I have shitty reception in my area), but the 3G works even better than the lte. Any ideas? I still have time to return my phone for a new one.

Solution: Since your phone can connect to other Wi-Fi networks without any problems then the issue could be caused by your particular router. Try restarting this router. While the router is restarting you should forget this particular network on your device. Search for your Wi-Fi network again then connect to it. Make sure that your phone is the only device connected to the router ( you should disconnect other devices or turn them off). You should be able to go online right now.

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  1. My iPhone and MacBook also has the same issue. Other devices i.e. Android/amazon tablets connect fine while my apple devices are connected to WiFi but no internet. I reseted my router/modem and Wi-Fi extender, though still unsuccessful with my Apple devices and laptops, any help will be much appreciated.

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