Apple iPhone 7 Audio and Video Calling Guide: Call Blocking/Unblocking, Call Forwarding, Caller ID, Conference Calling, FaceTime and Wi-Fi Calling

This post will help you learn how to use and manage video and audio calling features of the new #Apple iPhone 7 (#iPhone7) smartphone such as #FaceTime, Call Forwarding, Conference Calling, Caller ID, and Wi-Fi Calling. It also demonstrates how to manage in-call options and steps on how to make and receive calls, block or unblock calls from your device. Feel free to refer to this content whenever you need it.


Apple’s recently released iPhone device comes with a number of significant features, functions, and new services for users to make use of. Among the new highlights of this latest iPhone is the Wi-Fi Calling feature that offers new way to keep the conversation going. With Wi-Fi Calling, you can talk and text over an active Wi-Fi connection. This means you would still be able to talk and text from indoor locations even in places where cellular signal is not available. In order to get started, you need to set up Wi-Fi Calling on your iPhone and then you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits. Read on to learn how to use and manage Wi-Fi Calling as well as other Phone app features available on your new iPhone.

How to make/receive a call on your iPhone 7

If you are still new to iPhone or iOS interface, the following steps will help you get started in making and receiving calls with the iOS 10 Phone app:

  1. Tap Phone from the Home screen. The Phone app or dialler screen will display.
  2. Enter the phone number you want to call on the Keypad tab then tap the Call button to initiate the call.
  3. Tap the phone number of the selected contact. The call begins.

Other ways to make calls:

  • To call a number from your contacts list or phone book, tap the Contacts tab then tap the contact you want to call.
  • You can also type the part of the contact name in the Search field to narrow down the list.
  • Tap Recents to make a call from recent or missed calls.
  • Tap Favorites to call a favorite contact.

Available In-call Options you can use:

While on call, you can toggle the microphone on and off or do other things you want using the provided in-call controls as follow:

  • Mute – To mute the call, toggle the Microphone icon off. You will see the button will turn white when the call is muted.
  • Keypad – To display the numeric keypad during a call, tap the Keypad icon. To go back to the call screen, tap Hide.
  • Speaker – To turn the speaker on or off, tap the Speaker icon. When the speaker is active, you’ll the icon turns white.
  • Contacts – To view stored contacts, tap the Contacts icon. The contacts screen will display. To go back to the call screen, tap the green status bar.
  • FaceTime – To initiate a video call with another iOS or Mac OS user, tap the FaceTime icon.
  • Add Call – To begin a conference call, tap the Add Call icon.
  • End Call – To hang up or end the call, tap the End Call button.

To go back to the home screen while on a call, just press the Home key.

To return to the call, tap the green bar at the top of the Home screen.

Receiving an Incoming Call from your iPhone 7

When an incoming call arrives, you will be prompted with the screen that contains the name of the caller and the basic controls you can use such as Decline, Accept, Message, and Remind Me icons.

Note: If your iPhone is locked while the call arrives, drag the Slider or press the Center button on your headset.

  1. To answer a call, tap Accept.
  2. To decline a call and send it straight to voicemail, tap Decline.
  • If your iPhone is awake when the call comes in, just press the Sleep/Wake button twice quickly or press the Center button on your headset for about two seconds to decline or reject the call. When you hear two low beeps, it means that the call was declined.
  1. To decline a call with a text message, tap Message. You may choose from the given message templates or create a custom reply. If you wish to do the latter, tap Custom, enter the desired message, and then select the Send icon.
  2. To remind yourself to return the call, tap Remind Me. After that, indicate when you want to be reminded.

Using FaceTime on your iPhone 7

FaceTime is a feature that allows you to make or receive a video or audio call. With FaceTime, you can participate in video calls with other FaceTime users over a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection.

Here’s how to make or receive a video or audio call using FaceTime on your new iPhone:

  1. Activate FaceTime on your iPhone. To do so, go to Settings-> FaceTime.

Note: In order to use FaceTime, you would need an applicable data plan. Your call recipient must also have a FaceTime-activated iOS device to participate.

  1. Toggle the FaceTime switch to turn the feature ON.
  2. Once enabled, tap Phone from the home screen.
  3. Select Contacts.
  4. Select a Contact name.
  5. Tap the FaceTime video icon to make a call on the selected contact. Alternatively, you can also tap the FaceTime phone icon to make an audio call.

When receiving a FaceTime call you can Accept, Decline, or Decline with a text message. Just select your desired option.

Conference calling with your iPhone 7

Conference Calling is an iPhone feature that lets you add several people to your call. You can connect other callers at the start of your call or add people to a call that is already in progress.

Note: Additional charges may be applied to all calls when you use Conference Calling. Please contact your carrier for more details to avoid incurring extra charges.

Here’s how to start a conference call on your iPhone 7:

You can set up a conference call with up to five people.

  1. While on an active call, tap the Add Call icon to set up a Conference call.
  2. Next, select the desired Contact then tap the Call icon.
  • Alternatively, you can enter the phone number by tapping the Keypad icon, and then tap the Call icon to initiate the call. Your current call will be placed on hold while attempting to contact the second person.
  1. Tap the Swap icon to switch between active calls.
  2. Tap the Merge Calls icon to create a conference call.
  3. Tap the Information icon to view the contacts or numbers in the active conference call.
  4. Tap Private next to the desired contact or number to separate the calls. The selected call will then become private while the other is placed on hold.
  5. Tap End next to the desired contact or number to end any of the active calls.
  6. Tap the End Call icon to end the call.

Call Forwarding with your iPhone 7

Call Forwarding or call diversion is phone feature that lets you forward or redirect incoming calls to any alternate number which may be either a landline or other phone number. You can also divert incoming calls to voicemails.

The following steps will help you set up and use call forwarding on your device:

  1. To get started, tap Settings from the Home screen.
  2. Next, scroll to and tap Phone from the Settings menu.
  3. Scroll to and tap Call Forwarding.
  4. Toggle the Call Forwarding switch to activate/enable the feature.

Note: You need to be within range of your cellular network when you set your iPhone to forward calls. Otherwise, calls will not be forwarded.

  1. Enter the desired forwarding number or the number you want the calls to be redirected to.
  2. When finished entering the number, tap the Back arrow to go back to the Call Forwarding screen.
  • An indication that Call Forwarding is active is the Call Forwarding icon displayed in the Notification bar.
  1. To change the desired forwarding number, go back to the Call Forwarding screen, tap Forward To, and then enter the new forwarding number you want.
  2. To turn off Call Forwarding, just toggle the Call Forwarding switch to OFF.

Using Caller ID on your iPhone 7

Caller ID is a phone feature that shows a caller’s phone number on the recipient’s phone device before the call is answered. It’s useful for screening known, unknown, or unwanted calls.

You can activate Caller ID on your iPhone with these quick steps:

  1. Tap Settings from the Home screen.
  2. Scroll to and tap Phone from the Settings screen.
  3. Scroll to and tap to select Show My Caller ID from the Phone menu options.
  4. To turn on Caller ID, toggle the switch next to Show My Caller ID.

Once Caller ID is activated, it would be easier for you to filter incoming calls, or block any unknown or unwanted callers.

How to Block or Unblock Calls from your iPhone 7

There are different ways to block calls from your iPhone. You can block all calls using Do Not Disturb (DND) feature, or block specific numbers. Here’s how:

  1. Blocking All Calls with Do Not Disturb

You cannot block an unknown caller (No Caller ID) but you can activate Do Not Disturb manually and set it to ‘Only allow calls from your contacts list’ instead.

Here’s how:

  1. Tap Settings from the Home screen.
  2. Tap Do Not Disturb.
  3. Toggle the switch next to Manual, to enable Do Not Disturb manually.
  • To set a specific time for Do Not Disturb to activate, toggle the switch next to Scheduled, and then tap to change the start and the end time.
  • To allow calls from certain groups of people, tap Allow Calls From and select the desired groups.
  • To all repeat callers to ring through, toggle the switch next to Repeated Calls.

The repeat call must occur within three minutes of the original calls.

  1. Blocking Specific Contacts or Numbers
  2. Tap Phone from the Home screen.
  3. Tap the Recents or Contacts icon.
  4. Tap the Information icon (i) located next to the contact or phone number you want to block.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the Contact Information screen and then select the option to ‘Block this caller.’
  6. Tap Block Contact to confirm.
  • If you want to unblock the number, just select the option to ‘Unblock this Caller’ from the Contact Information screen. Alternatively, you can go to Settings-> Phone-> Call Blocking & Identification-> Edit-> tap the (-) icon next to the number or contact you wish to unblock, and then tap Unblock to confirm.
  • To view the list of contacts and phone numbers that you have blocked, go to Settings-> Phone-> Call Blocking & Identification. You can also add a new Block Contact or Edit (Unblock) numbers from within Settings.

And that covers everything in this guide. Keep posted for more iPhone 7 tutorials in our upcoming posts.