iPhone 7 alarm won’t work when phone is set to vibrate, camera app keeps crashing, other issues

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Problem 1: iPhone 7 group messaging etiquettes

I recently purchased an iPhone 7. I have purchased almost every mass texting app at the App store and none work with my iPhone 7. Do you guys need to do an update? The only way it worked was if i send a text out (over 100 people) and when someone replies now everyone gets their reply and it’s a big mess. If i turn off group messaging, then only a couple get my text. Never had this issue with my iPhone 5C. Frustrated and tired of buying texting apps that don’t work. Please help. Thanks. — April

Solution: Hi April. First of all, we want to make it clear that we don’t work for Apple, any carrier, or other companies we may mention in our blog. We are here to simply offer troubleshooting tips and solutions for iOS-related troubles. We don’t update devices!

Secondly, group messaging is exactly how it works in your device right now. You can’t send a mass text and expect responses from individuals one at a time. The way group messaging works right now is that a response from one will get viewed by the whole group. We’re not saying there’s nothing that can’t be improved in this current setup but you’re stuck with it. That’s just how group messaging is designed. There’s nothing we can do about it. We don’t know of any app or carrier that supports a different group messaging scheme apart from this either. We don’t know how you made group messaging works differently in your iPhone 5C before but we’re not aware of any workaround to change the behavior of the current group messaging service. If you find that unacceptable, you’re out of luck. To minimize annoyance when sending a group message, try to stick to the following texting etiquettes:

  1. Send a group message to people who only know each other.
  2. If you use mass texting for business, give explicit instruction not to reply to the group text message itself.
  3. If you are the sender of a group text and people start asking others to stop responding, do your best to calm everyone down. Again, this may become problematic the bigger the number of members in a group so it’s up to you how to manage everyone not to respond to your message. If you’re annoyed by the constant back and forth, you are probably not alone. Again, the situation can be managed more easily if you stick to rule number one.

Problem 2: iPhone 7 is very slow, keeps lagging, slow performance issue, iOS unresponsive

  • Long periods of lag during boot up and app launch.
  • OS unresponsive.
  • Native apps such as phone and camera will not work or lag out.
  • Audio doesn’t switch over from iPhone speakers to headphones when lightning jack is plugged in.

My device has the most current iOS release. 256GB model currently using 33GBs of storage. I have not ever jailbroken this device. Power down and restart have no effect on symptoms Hard reboot takes a while but offers a stint of normal functionality for a short while. It’s almost as if the device is out of RAM. — Scotty

Solution: Hi Scotty. Your iPhone 7 appears to have a general slow performance issue. This can be caused by either a software glitch, content bug (problematic app/s), or bad hardware. To see which of these three is true, you must do a few troubleshooting steps.

The first one is to try to remember when exactly the problems began. If you noticed them right after you installed an app, the most likely cause is that content. Uninstall the said app and see how your phone works. If the problems go away, then you probably just fixed the issue.

If the problem just appeared out of the blue and you haven’t installed anything for long time, the next good thing to do is to restore your iPhone via iTunes (also known as factory reset for those familiar with Windows and Android devices). Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Create a backup of your files. You can do that in a number of ways but the fastest and most effective way is by using iTunes in your PC or Mac. If you don’t want to create a back at all, you can simply erase everything on the phone by following the steps in this link.
  2. Connect your iPhone to your computer with the cable that came with your phone.
  3. We assume you remember your phone’s passcode so simply enter it when you’re prompted for it.
  4. Select your iPhone once iTunes asks you for the specific device.
  5. Once you’re in the Summary panel or screen, select the option that will restore your device (Restore).
  6. Confirm by clicking on Restore button.
  7. Wait for a few moments while iTunes restores your device to its factory settings. It may also take some time if iTunes will need to install an updated operating system version.
  8. After this factory reset, all software settings should be restored to their defaults.

Contact Apple support

Now that your phone’s operating system has been re-installed, the problems are supposed to go away IF the cause is software-related. If they persist after a full restore, that only means one thing — you’ll be unable to fix them at your level. The most likely reason is hardware malfunction but knowing which component exactly requires training, experience, knowledge, and special set of hardware and software tools. We suggest that you let a professional handle the hardware checks for you. Bring the device to an Apple store, or to an independent service center.

Problem 3: iPhone 7 alarm won’t work when phone is set to vibrate

My old iPhone 5 – when the phone was placed on vibrate the alarm clock still sounded loudly when the alarm went off. NOW I have a brand new iPhone 7 and the alarm volume will not play if the phone is on vibrate. To make matters worse when you are on the alarm clock screen and you use your volume buttons on the side of the phone to increase the volume of the alarm, you instead get “Ringer” volume. The Ringer volume was as high as possible and yet when the alarm went off you couldn’t hear it because the “volume” was too low. I’ve tried everything to fix it. I’m very frustrated. — Jeannette

Solution: Hi Jeannette. You’re not the first one to report this problem so we think that this is most likely an iOS bug rather than something caused by a third party app. To fix the issue, you need to reset all your phone settings by doing the following steps:

  1. Open Settings app.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and tap Reset.
  4. Tap Reset All Settings.

The steps above will return all operating system settings back to their defaults, including the ones for your alarm clock (we are assuming you’re using the native Apple alarm clock app and not a third party). Reset All Settings option will not delete your photos, videos, and other files so it can be done safely.

Problem 4: iPhone 7 camera app crashes, app that uses camera keeps crashing

Hello. I have a really annoying problem with my iPhone 7. Since i bought it and first started the problem exists. The problem is that when i use camera or any app which uses camera, phone crashes almost everytime and goes black. Then it force resets by himself. Please help.

I tried restoring and it doesn’t help. I also gave phone to the repair provider and they didn’t find any problems. I don’t know what to do anymore because it really pisses me of and i hate it. There must be solution for this:( — Tilen

Solution: Hi Tilen. If this problem is only happening with apps that uses the camera and the rest of your apps are all working, the cause of the problem is most likely buried inside the hardware. To be sure that it’s not  software issue at all, we recommend that you wipe the phone clean again and observe how camera works when there are no apps installed. Now, it’s very important that you remember your iCloud password to prevent locking out yourself from your account. If you don’t know your iCloud password, make sure that you deal with it first by resetting it.

To begin the factory reset process of your iPhone 7 (Erase All Content and Settings) here are the steps:

  1. Create a backup of your important files such as photos, videos, etc.
  2. Sign out of your iCloud account (if applicable).
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Tap General.
  5. Tap Reset.
  6. Tap Erase All Content and Settings.

With your phone now recently wiped clean, all software settings including those of pre-installed apps like the camera app should work. Make sure that you test how camera app works by using it. Do not install any app during this time.

If the problem stays and the camera app remains problematic, contact Apple or your carrier for a phone replacement. When bringing the phone to Apple, be sure to erase all your personal files by the Erase All Content and Settings procedure again. Once in the store, do a quick demo of the problem in order to let them know that the problem occurs with or without apps installed

Problem 5: iPhone 7 screen showing black flickering

I bought a new iPhone 7 on 8th January 2017 and i had dropped it once from my bed without the cover on its back later. I didn’t see any damage as such but it’s been about a month that happened and now left bottom corner of the screen i can see small black flickering. This happened once before the phone was dropped and now i can see that again i am a little worried. Please help me fix this. it’s not that noticeable but it does flicker on that particular side. — Thakkar.heena2015

Solution: Hi Thakkar.heena2015. Any discoloration is almost always a sign of a damaged screen. The same can be said if you notice colored lines, white halo in the edges or flickering in a part of the screen. Try to wipe the phone clean (Erase All Content and Settings) and see if that will fix the issue. If part of the screen continues to flicker even after a factory reset and when there are no apps installed, you can bet screen malfunction is to blame. Exposing the screen to too much pressure or dropping the phone are some of the most common reasons for screen issues. Since your phone was dropped previously, it may have damaged the motherboard though the signs are only starting to show at this time.

Problem 6: iPhone 7 screen remains black, won’t turn on

I have the iPhone 7 and My screen was flickering (like lights flickering in a room) for about 5 minutes while I was using it. About an hour before, my home button had stopped working but I had general accessibility so I had no problem. Then it turned black, but the screen was still on. Siri would still work, I could still hear the alarms and the sound from the charger being connect, and I could still feel the vibrations from the phone and I asked Siri to face time my friend to see if although my screen was black if she could see me. She could see me perfectly. My screen was still black and now Siri won’t even work. I can’t feel vibrations and I can’t hear the sounds or the sound when you connect your charger. My phone won’t show the Apple logo and my home button still doesn’t work.         — Stefaniabecchi

Solution: Hi Stefaniabecchi. The first troubleshooting step that you want to do is make sure that you’re using a good working charging cable and/ or charger. If you have another iOS charger, or if you can borrow one from a friend, try using it. The aim here is to ensure that you’re using a working charger to hopefully power the phone back on. Make sure to let your phone plugged in to the charger for at least 60 minutes. Make sure that you check the jack, USB cable, and charger head. Everything should be firmly plugged in.

If the screen remains black but the phone now shows signs that it’s turning on (showing light, making sound, or vibrating), you can try to try to force restart it. Here’s how:

  1. Press and hold Sleep/Wake and Volume Down buttons for at least ten seconds.
  2. Wait until you see the Apple logo.

If the phone remains dead and won’t restart, try to connect it to a computer with iTunes installed. If your device is not recognized by the computer or iTUnes, you must contact Apple support. Your phone must have encountered a hardware problem and a repair may be needed to bring it back to life.

Problem 7: iPhone 7 sound only comes from right speaker, left speaker not working

I have an iPhone 7. My speaker sound when blue toothed on all my cars only coming out on right side. I do not have setting on mono. This is my 2nd iPhone 7 and still same problem. Not I mention.. the sound quality is so much better when others with a non iPhone device ..and Using my sound system blue tooth or not.. Sounds so much better .. So question is 2 fold Why does my iPhone 7 music only play music out of one speaker whether bluentoothed or Aux And Why do other non iPhones .. quality of sound .. So much better than mine .. even when I had the iPhone 5. — Rita

Solution: Hi Rita. First of all, an iPhone 7 only has two speakers. One is located on the  bottom right side, and the other on the earpiece. There should be NO sound coming from the left hand side grille of the phone although it may appear to be a speaker. This fact alone should tell you that you may be chasing a non-existent problem. This should also answer your second question why music only plays on one speaker. If you want a stereo setup, simply flip your iPhone 7 to landscape orientation. Doing so will automatically tell the system to use the two speakers.

Secondly, sound quality is very subjective but we know millions of iPhone 7 satisfied with the device’s sound output. If you have a higher sound quality standard, you should consider using other phones or audio devices. Upgrading to high end speakers should also help.

Problem 8: iPhone 7+ keeps restarting during calls after screen replacement

I dropped my iPhone 7+ and had the screen replaced. I am now experiencing a multitude of problems. The phone keeps restarting itself. Anytime I try to place a call, the phone restarts, anytime I try to answer a phone call, the phone restarts. My phone also keeps freezing, my home button isn’t working, and Siri speaker won’t work. I tried to update software and reset back to factory settings, neither of those things worked. Please help!! — Jess

Solution: Hi Jess. As you may have realized by now after reading all the cases above, iOS troubleshooting is really simple. In fact, there’s only so much that an end user like you can do for a case like this. We think the repair was not done properly and the phone is now experiencing complicated issues. Knowing what the defective hardware component may be causing this problem is hard so you need to let a professional do the checking for you. Please contact Apple for assistance, or bring it back to the shop that did the first repair.

Problem 9: iPhone 7 screen stays black when pressing Touch ID button

Hi. Good Day! I just wanna ask if it’s a common issue for iPhone 7 plus to have dead screen or black screen like it’s not low battery but when you press the touch id button it will just vibrate while the screen is black. I got my phone less than a month and tried testing how long will it take to consume the battery. In my case, i was on date playing games, browsing and watching videos non stop. it only took 6 hours for the battery to drain. And beforehand, i switched my phone to lower power mode at 100% battery level. Thanks and i hope you can give advice regarding this matter. — Rey Gil

Solution: Hi Rey Gil. What you’re experiencing is definitely not normal. The screen is supposed to go black only when the phone is not being actively used, or after you pressed the power button. If the screen turns black while you’re using it for, say, games, that should be a cause of concern for you.

To see if the problem is due to an app, consider uninstalling apps, especially those that you may have installed immediately before the issue started occurring.

Sometimes, an operating system can become corrupted resulting to all sorts of problems. To see if it’s an iOS issue, make sure to also do the following steps:

  1. Create a backup of your important files such as photos, videos, etc.
  2. Sign out of your iCloud account (if applicable).
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Tap General.
  5. Tap Reset.
  6. Tap Erase All Content and Settings.

If your phone was accidentally dropped or exposed to water before, there’s a chance that the hardware may have been damaged. In these situations, one of the first components to go out is the screen. If your phone’s screen remains dark, or if the issue continues to occur intermittently, make sure to send the phone in so it can repaired or replaced.

Problem 10: iPhone 7 SMS are out of order, SMS are delayed, deletes SMS, call history and app on its own

My iPhone 7 plus has multiple problems that Apple and Sprint says it doesn’t have. I receive text out of order if I get them at all.

Also had issues where I would receive the text that were sent to me, weeks later. If I don’t have full LTE service I can not utilize anything that has to do with the internet.

Also had numerous times it would shut off and delete content from my phone like text messages, call history and apps. the phone’s antenna has been updated at Sprint and the apple store has run a diagnosis on it and found nothing but replaced SIM car and doing a factory restart on it and still made no difference with these issues. — Ray

Solution: Hi Ray. Out of order text messages are usually caused by incorrect system time and date. Below are the exact steps that you must do:

  1. Install the latest iOS update.
  2. Open Settings app.
  3. Tap General.
  4. Tap Date & Time.
  5. Enable Set Automatically option to tell the phone to automatically use the correct date and time in your area.

Once you’ve set the correct date and time, observe how your text messages work. If they are now in order, then you should have fixed that particular issue.

For your two other concerns, we recommend that you continue working with your carrier to fix them. We don’t know what you mean exactly by “phone’s antenna has been updated at Sprint” but if a repair was done on your device before, it may have created more problems instead of fixing the first one. If they would not be able to fix the problems you’re encountering this time, we suggest that you simply ask for a replacement device.


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