iPhone 6S Won’t Power On Issue

Welcome to another installment of our troubleshooting series where we aim to help our readers who own the #Apple #iPhone6S fix the issues that they are experiencing with their device. Today we will tackle two similar power related issues that our readers have sent us. We have analyzed each problem and have provided the best possible troubleshooting steps listed below.


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iPhone 6S Won’t Power On

Problem: My iphone 6s was already having battery issues before (would drain easily, sometimes won’t charge properly, etc). Then suddenly it wouldn’t get past the apple logo one day. Then I had the battery replaced a few months ago. It was still having battery issues, but now, it’s just turned black and won’t even show any logo or anything even if being charged. The last thing I saw before it completely blacked out was the charge your iphone symbol. I tried everything already. Cleaned the port, used multiple cables and connected it to different wall, computers, tried a hard reset, etc. Nothing till now.

Solution: It looks like the problem isn’t just caused by the battery but by a component or group of internal components that have become faulty in your phone. Even if you replace the battery the issue will still remain ( especially if a component is shorted). What you will need to do in this case is to have your phone checked at a service center that does board level repairs.

Problem: iPhone 6s wont power on – when plugged in no charge signal shows- I carried it to an apple store and they had no solution but to buy a new phone!  I paid too much to just let this phone go to trash!  Please advise!!!

Solution: Try the following troubleshooting steps listed below to fix this problem.

  • Clean the charging port of your phone using a can of compressed air. Make sure to remove any dirt or debris stuck in this port.
  • Charge the phone for at least 30 minutes using a different lightning cable and wall charger.
  • If the charging icon does not appear after 30 minutes then try force restarting the phone while it is connected to its charger. To do this just press and hold both the Sleep/Wake and Volume Down buttons for at least ten seconds, until you see the Apple logo.

If the above steps don’t work then you should have the phone checked at a service center that’s capable of doing board level repairs.

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