iPhone 6S Screen Flashing Different Colors Issue

Welcome to another part of our troubleshooting series where we aim to resolve the #Apple #iPhone6S issues that our readers are having. In this latest installment of the series we will tackle one problem with one of our readers has sent us and that is the iPhone 6S screen flashing different colors issue. What happens in this case is that the phone screen will all of a suddenly display different colors rendering the device unusable. Check out our thoughts on the matter below.


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iPhone 6S Screen Flashing Different Colors

Problem: the screen started flashing, then difference colors, then scrolling and flashing all on its own. I couldn’t hard reset it. and finally factory reset it. two days later it started to do the same thing. After two hours, factory resetting it twice, I gently tapped the screen and it stopped. a few hours later it started to flash again and I tapped it a few times and it stopped. I have an appointment to go into the apple store  but am wondering if anyone’s had this issue before. Thanks!

Solution: Since the factory reset failed to resolve the problem then this is most likely a hardware related issue already. Several other iPhone owners have also experienced this same problem, especially if the phone has been dropped. If you haven’t dropped your phone then the issue could be caused by the following listed below.

  • A loose connection between the display and the board.
  • A defective display, in which case it has to be replaced.
  • A faulty display driver in the board.

It’s best that you have this issue checked at the Apple Store to get to know what exactly is causing the problem.

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