iPhone 6S Plus Sound Stops Working When Car Engine Starts

Good day to all of our avid readers. If you have been following our troubleshooting series then you may already be familiar with the several issues that we have tackled that have been sent to us by our readers. Today is different as we will tackle one problem concerning the #Apple #iPhone6S that is quite unique. As you have read in the title of this post the phone sound stops working whenever the car engine is started. What seems to be causing this? Let’s find out the possible causes behind this issue.


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iPhone 6S Plus Sound Stops Working When Car Engine Starts

Problem: As soon as I start my car engine the sound disappears from iphone 6S and this is preventing my grandson from playing his games on it in the back seat of the car. The minute we stop and I turn the engine off, the sound returns. He also gets the same problem with my ipad air but strangely not on his own mini ipad, Any ideas why this happens, as it hasn’t always been like this. Only in the last couple of months.

Solution: One possible reason why this is happening is that when you start the car engine a Bluetooth speaker connected to the car turns on. Once this is on and the phone has connected to this Bluetooth speaker previously then it may connect to it automatically thus turning off the sound from the phone speaker and directing the sound to the speaker. If this speaker volume is set to its minimum level then you won’t hear anything. Try turning off the Bluetooth of the phone then check if the issue still occurs.

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