iPhone 6S Plus Replaced Obliterated Screen, New Touchscreen Messing Up

Welcome to another part of our troubleshooting series where we aim to resolve the #iPhone6SPlus problems that our readers are experiencing. In this latest installment of the series we will tackle one particular problem sent to us by our reader where the phone was slammed and the display got obliterated, then the New Touchscreen Messing Up. Now naturally, the best thing to do in this case is to replace the display. However, this is where the problem of the phone owner starts as you can read below.

iPhone 6 S Plus

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iPhone 6S Plus Replacement Screen Not Working

Problem: My wife slammed my iphone 6s+ and obliterated the LCD display, and I purchased a new lcd screen from oops tech off of amazon. I started the replacement process, but I did not finish it. Instead, my father is the one who finished it and he misplaced a couple screws. In the end, I could not find one screen but weren’t sure where the five screws that hold the 3 ribbons down were supposed to go. The missing screw was supposed to be in those five. Through trial, error, and with use of a little deductive reasoning on location, by looking at the depth of the screw needed. When everything is connected and the phone is powered on, with the top screen still not connected to the base, there is no problem. But when the top screen is connected there is this black shadow descending from the top right corner. It is not very big, only an inch or two, but it is translucent and bothersome. I have taken the screen off a couple times to test if connecting the phone to the base is in fact the problem, and it is. Also my touch screen is messing up. As often as not, when I touch the screen it will act as if I had been holding the screen. An example of this is when I am typing on my messenger, the letters will hold and not be typed. Another example is when I try to touch on an app sometimes it will open and other times it will just open up quick options for that app.

Solution: Assuming that the replacement screen is not defective and working properly then the problem could be caused during the replacement process. The black shadow that you see on top of the screen could be caused by too much pressure on that part. Try loosening up that part first.

For the issue of the  touchscreen not working sometimes you need to check if this is caused by a software problem first by backing up your phone data then restoring the phone as a new device. Once the restore has finished check if the issue still occurs. If it does then I would suggest that you bring the phone to an authorized service center and have it checked.

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