Apple iPhone 6S Call Gets Muted Issue & Other Related Problems

Welcome to another installment of our troubleshooting series where we aim to help our readers who own the #Apple #iPhone6S fix the issues that they are experiencing with the device. Today we will be addressing the iPhone 6S calls gets muted issue & other related problems. What happens in this case is that when the call connects the conversation can initially be heard but then after  a few minutes it gets muted.

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iPhone 6S Call Gets Muted

Problem: In making outbound calls with my iPhone 6s, everything is operating correctly for a couple of minutes. Then, the recipient of my call can no longer hear me. I can hear fine. My volume is turned up, my mute button is off and when I test my microphone by going to Extras, then Memo and recording a message, the message plays back clearly and audibly. I’ve also stuck a toothpick in the microphone to make sure no debris is blocking it. Of course, I’ve also shut my phone off using the hold and shut off buttons simultaneously.

Solution: If you have access to another SIM card then try placing it in your phone then check if the same issue occurs. If it doesn’t then your current SIM or the network itself might have a problem. You will need to contact your carrier regarding this matter.

In case the issue still occurs even with another SIM in your phone then you should try to restore your phone as a new device. Once this is done check if the call still gets muted. If it does then you will have to bring your phone to an authorized service center and have it checked.

iPhone 6S Screen Is Unresponsive Due To Crack

Problem: I dropped my iPhone6s yesterday it had a thick screen protector on and fell on the back not front of screen that too from a less height – I had my phone in my lap and it fell (the floor was hard). I didn’t notice any cracks until 30-40 mins or so, the crack seemed little just near the home button being slightly chipped off. It was working perfectly fine but later on I noticed the crack has reached to the top of the screen; my phone has been unresponsive and hypersensitive since then. I just cannot unlock my phone as the buttons don’t press properly; I even removed the screen protector to see if it’d work without it – which it did for a bit then again became unresponsive. I’ve put the screen protector back on, been trying to make it work still not working. I just bought the phone 2 weeks ago – it’s got 3 months warranty with it from the shop I purchased it from. I’m just unsure about the cost and time it’ll take. My previous iPhone 5 cracked too which was far more worse than this yet it is working perfectly which is what’s making me a bit more frustrated.

Solution: Unfortunately in this case it looks like the crack might have affected the digitizer which is why the screen is unresponsive. The best thing that you can do right now is to bring the phone to an authorized service center and have the display assembly replaced.

iPhone 6S Replacement Screen Does Not Turn On

Problem: I replaced the screen and now the screen will not come on, but will flash my home screen for 1 second and will go away.  I can hear it making noises when I push the buttons, but nothing shows up.  The finger recognition works.  I thought it was the flex cable to the camera.  So ordered that part and replaced it.  still get the same result. I think I am up to date on the IOS version… Not 100% sure though.

Solution: It’s possible that you might be using a faulty display assembly. To troubleshoot this you will need to install another display assembly in your phone. If the same issue occurs then the problem could be caused by the display controller in the motherboard. The best thing that you can do if this is the case is to bring the phone to an authorized service center and have it checked.

iPhone 6S Front Camera Is Blurry

Problem: I am having problems with the camera on my iPhone 6s. I noticed yesterday that when I take a normal photo everything is fine but when I try to take a selfie the image is completely blurred. I have tried resetting the factory settings as I read on a forum page this could help but nothing changed.

Solution: Does your phone have a screen protector installed? Try removing this as this could be causing the blurred photos. You should also wipe the portion of the front camera with a microfiber cloth to remove any smudges. In case the photos are still blurry then this might be caused by a faulty camera module. I recommend that you have this checked at a service center.

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