How to Troubleshoot iPhone 14 Battery Draining in Cold Weather

Noticing your iPhone 14 losing battery life much faster in wintertime cold is annoying and inconvenient. Freezing temperatures can negatively impact battery capacity and usage, but don’t just accept poor battery life outdoors as inevitable. There are ways to troubleshoot and improve cold-weather iPhone battery performance.

iPhone14 Battery Draining in Cold Weather

It’s normal for lithium-ion batteries in smartphones to discharge faster in cold conditions. But iPhone 14 battery drain can be minimized with some adjustments to settings, usage habits, storage, and charging to offset the effects of winter weather. Read on to understand what causes it, and try these tips to enhance your battery life.

Why iPhone 14 Battery Drains Faster in the Cold

There are a few reasons your iPhone battery depletes quicker in frigid temperatures. Among the common causes are the following:

  • Chemical processes within the battery slow down, reducing capacity.
  • The phone’s CPU and components work harder in the cold, using more power.
  • Phone screens need increased backlight in the cold, draining the battery.
  • iOS features like auto-brightness increase usage to compensate for the cold.
  • Cold temperatures hinder the phone’s ability to recharge efficiently.
  • Chilly air is drier, creating electrostatic discharge in components.
  • Internal phone resistance rises as temperature drops.

Solutions for Improving Battery Life in the Cold

If your iPhone 14 loses power quickly on cold days, there are some ways to help it and the solutions are highlighted as follows.

Keep iPhone Warm

Carry and use your phone in an inner coat pocket to maintain warmth. Avoid exposing it to freezing air which saps power.

To protect your iPhone from the cold, follow these steps:

  • Place the phone in an inner insulated pocket when outdoors
  • Avoid setting down your phone in the snow
  • Keep the battery as close to your body’s warmth as possible

Disable Unneeded Features

Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, background refresh, and other battery-draining features when not needed to conserve power in the cold.

Here’s how to disable battery-draining settings:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Turn off Bluetooth
  3. Disable Wi-Fi
  4. Restrict Background App Refresh

Reduce Screen Brightness

Dim your screen brightness lower than usual in cold weather and disable auto-brightness, which pushes it higher in the cold.

Follow these steps to lower your iPhone’s screen brightness:

  1. Open Control Center
  2. Lower screen brightness below 50%
  3. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size > Turn off Auto-Brightness

Avoid GPS Navigation

Only use live GPS navigation outdoors when essential to avoid heavy battery drain. Preheat your car first before using your iPhone.

Here’s how to limit GPS usage on your iPhone:

  • Download offline maps to avoid live navigation
  • Start your car and heat up before using the GPS
  • Switch your phone to Airplane Mode if very cold

Update iOS Software

Install iOS updates which often contain battery management improvements for cold weather performance. Keep your iPhone 14 optimized.

Updating your iPhone’s software through settings is carried out with these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > General > Software Update
  2. Download and install the latest iOS updates

Make sure that your iPhone is sufficiently charged, has stable internet connection and ample storage to update successfully.

Charge it Warm

Avoid charging your iPhone 14 while cold. Let it warm up indoors first before charging for faster powering up.

Refer to these recommendations when charging after warming:

  • Bring iPhone inside and let it warm up for 30 mins before charging
  • Don’t charge in excessively cold rooms
  • Use battery packs to maintain charge warm
Battery Packs for iPhone

Replace Old Batteries

If your iPhone 14 battery is over 2 years old, its cold weather capacity will be diminished. Check battery health and consider a replacement.

Here’s how to check your iPhone’s battery status:

  1. Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health
  2. Review Maximum Capacity
  3. Replace the battery if capacity is below 80%

Use Battery Case

Attach an external battery case when using your iPhone 14 outdoors in the cold for extended periods. This provides extra power.

Here are the recommendations when using a battery case for your iPhone:

  • Attach the battery case before going outside in the cold
  • Monitor case battery level
  • Recharge the case indoors after use
iphone14 battery draining in cold weather 12

With mindful usage, proper storage, and a few adjustments, you can counteract cold temperatures pulling down your iPhone 14 battery life. Maintain warmth when possible and reduce battery strain.


  1. Why does my iPhone 14 battery die so much faster in cold weather?

    Lithium-ion batteries lose capacity and efficiency in cold temperatures. Chemical processes slow, components work harder, screen backlight increases, and phones can only recharge slowly. The cold reduces battery life.

  2. How can I improve my iPhone 14 battery life in winter weather?

    Keep your iPhone warm inside a jacket, disable battery-draining features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not needed, reduce screen brightness, avoid live GPS navigation, install iOS updates, let the phone warm up before charging, replace old batteries, and use an external battery case for extra power.

  3. Does the cold weather actually damage my iPhone 14 battery?

    No, occasional battery power loss in cold weather is normal and doesn’t damage lithium-ion batteries. Just expect to recharge more frequently when using your iPhone 14 outdoors on frigid days. The reduced performance is temporary.

  4. Should I swap my iPhone 14 battery before winter?

    Likely not, unless your current battery is already over 2 years old and nearing the end of its lifespan. Newer iPhone 14 batteries should maintain sufficient capacity through the winter months if you optimize usage, charging, and storage when cold.

  5. Why doesn’t Low Power Mode help my iPhone 14 battery in cold weather?

    Low Power Mode mainly reduces background activity, but cold weather battery drain is caused by reduced chemical activity and components working harder. Keep your iPhone 14 warm, reduce usage, turn off features, and charge properly. Low Power Mode provides minimal benefits in the cold.