iPhone 12 Could Be as Powerful as the 15" MacBook Pro

As per a new report, Apple’s upcoming 5nm chipset, the Apple A14, could be something to look forward to. While we’ve heard for quite a while that Apple will use a 5nm process for the chipset, we didn’t quite know what it was capable of. For those unaware, the A14 is expected to be running on the upcoming  iPhone 12.

As per Macworld’s analysis, Apple shifting from a 7nm process to the proposed 5nm chip may not sound like a major change on paper but is a pretty big deal. If what chip maker TSMC has said so far is accurate, the 5nm chip comes with increased transistor density, allowing the inclusion up to 15 billion transistors at a time. This brings it on par with most desktop and server-grade CPUs and GPUs, including the 15-inch MacBook Pro.

Apple has made tremendous inroads in terms of processor technology over the past few years, designing its own mobile processors. We’re curious to learn if any of these features will make it to this year’s iPhone. While a bunch of features are reportedly making the final cut, including 5G connectivity and 6GB of RAM, it won’t be a big surprise to find CPU performance significantly boosted as well.

Given how big iPhones are expected to get this year, it won’t be wrong to consider it close to a tablet. Despite the bump in display size, Apple is expected to keep the overall size smaller thanks to minimal bezels. Additionally, Apple is also expected to announce a revamped version of Touch ID using an in-display fingerprint scanning system.

Source: Macworld

Via: 9to5Mac