How To Fix iPhone 11 “This Accessory May Not Be Supported” Error

There have been reports from Apple users receiving prompt “This accessory may not be supported” error when they plugged in their iPhone 11 to its charger. Apple devices are designed to immediately figure out if you are using a fake charger plugged into your device that is why the error message appears. It is somehow one of the simplest methods to know if it is a fake accessory.

There can be a variety of reasons as to why this error message appears. It may be because the software on your iPhone is malfunctioning, or perhaps the accessory you connect to its charging port is not MFI-certified. Most of the time the main reason is when the charger and or the lightning port is dirty, broken or damaged that is why in some cases that even when you are using a MFI certified charger you are still getting the error message due to small particles that might have gotten into the Lightning port of your iphone 11. With the reasons mentioned above, there are also potential solutions that can help resolve the issue of the error message on iPhone 11, read on below to find out.

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Solution 1: Make sure accessory is MFI-Certified

What does MFI means? MFI means Made For iPhone/iPad/itouch and MFI certified also means that the accessory is certified to work with Apple Products. However if you are using a third-party accessories, this might not work and may have caused the “This accessory may not be supported” error as this third party accessories are not certified to with Apple devices. 

The prompt error usually appears as a pop up message after you plugged in your iPhone 11 to an electrical source to charge it especially of the charger you are using isn’t MFI-certified. Overusing third party chargers that aren’t MFI certified does not only cause prompt error but overtime can damage your iPhone 11 as well. 

There are a few ways to know if it is MFI certified. First, make sure to check out the MFI badge and sometimes on its writing located at the packaging of the cable. Most of the time, the Apple certified accessory will have writings such as ‘Designed by Apple in California”, ‘Assembled in China’ or ‘Assembled in Vietnam. Next, the cables might also have a 12-digit serial number placed on it. And lastly, appearance wise, Apple certified cables usually have a smooth, rounded, single-piece and either a gold or silver-colored contacts, on the other hand however, fake cables or not MFI certified have an inconsistent, one piece rough finish. 

As much as possible, try to use the cable that came with your device when you purchased it. 

Solution 2: Restart iPhone Device

In some instances, error message “This accessory may not be supported” appears if an iPhone is experiencing a software glitch, sometimes considered to be a minor glitch. Technically, when you plugged into the Lightning port of your device, the software usually determines whether to connect or not to the cable accessory.

A simple restart of your  iPhone can sometimes fix and resolves software problems. The steps to restart iPhone can vary with the difference on the location of models of iPhones.

For iPhone 6 models and below: Simultaneously press and hold Home and Power button until Apple Logo appear then release. Apple automatically restarts.

For  iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus: Press and hold the Volume down button located at the left side and the Home button located at the right side. Wait for Apple Logo to appear. 

For iPhone 8, 8plus, X, XS, XR, and iPhone 11 line ups: First, press and release the Volume up button located at the left side of the device. Next, press and release the Volume down, located just below the Volume up button. Then finally, press and hold the Home Button until the Apple logo appears. Then release. 


Solution 3: Check cable accessory

The most commonly used accessory that usually experiences “This accessory may not be supported” is the charging cable. Since this accessory comes in contact or makes a physical connection with the device it is advisable to check for lint and dirt. Clean accessory if necessary. Check also for any discoloration on the cable as this can sometimes cause the error message “This accessory may not be supported”. Also, take a closer look at the inside of the USB port on your device charger, you can use an anti-static brush to clear away any lint or other tiny debris that might have lodged inside. 

If still the problem persists, try charging iPhone with different chargers. If at any point that your iPhone device also has issues with charging on a single charger but works on other charges, then there is a possibility that you have a problem with the charger. But regardless of what charge you’ve tried and still getting the same error messages, then it’s safe to say that the charger is not the cause of the problem. 


Solution 4: Check Lightning Port

If after checking cable accessory and its working properly, you might need to take a look at the inside of the Lightning port of your device because if you see dirt, lint or debris it might be the cause wherein it prevents iPhone from making a smooth connection to the cable accessory. 

To do this, have a light flashed on the inside of the Lightning port. If necessary to remove something inside, always use an anti-static brush or a clean toothbrush to clean the inside.

Solution 5: Update to the latest iOS version

It is usually recommended to update to the latest iOS version on your iPhone since some accessories requires the latest and updated versions. To do this:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on General
  3. Then tap on Software Update
  4. Tap Download and Install if new update is available. 

One important thing to keep in mind is to make sure your iPhone has at least 50% battery life or is plugged into a power source before you can download and install the new update. 


Solution 6: Reset Network Settings

In some cases, network settings are causing the error message to appear. Resetting network have reports that actually have solved the problem. Since network settings basically means resetting settings, you are then advised to have a back or remember your WiFi password as this will be deleted on this process and you might need to log in again with the correct login details.

To Reset Network Settings:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on General
  3. Tap on Reset
  4. Tap on Reset Network Settings
  5. Enter Passcode if required to confirm action


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