iPhone 11 Release Date, Price, News, And Rumors

The new line of iPhones may have launched in late October, but everyone is talking about what’s next for the iPhone. What comes after the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR? Apple obviously hasn’t confirmed anything, but we know that there will always be a new iPhone every year, and the iPhone 11 rumor mill is already in full swing in regards to what’s in store.

So the question usually is — should you buy one of the newer iPhone models, or should you hold out for what’s coming next. Is it even going to be worth holding out for the next iPhone? Follow along below and we’ll help you make that decision, also showing you all of the latest iPhone 11 rumors, release dates, and price news about the iPhone 11. Let’s dive right in.

What do you need to know right now?

If you don’t want to read through all of the nitty gritty details of the iPhone 11 rumors, these are some of the that you should know right now:

  1. An announcement will likely be happening in late August, early September, followed by a small pre-order period, and then an official launch.
  2. We should see a successor to the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. There are iPhone 11 rumors that we will see two new next-gen iPhone models launched alongside these three.
  3. As far as cost, the new iPhone 11 should sit at about the same. We’re not looking at any astronomical changes, aside from a new square-like camera sensor. If the next-gen rumor is true, we will likely see a price increase with those.

As far as names go, we haven’t seen any official iPhone 11 rumors, but if we’re following naming patterns, the successors to the iPhone XS could follow the new naming pattern — the iPhone XI, the iPhone XI Max, and the iPhone XIR. Those are just our guesses, and are obviously a little rough around the edges.

But, if you want to know about all of the details with these phones, let’s get started:

iPhone 11 Release Date

The first question that everyone is asking is when the iPhone 11 is going to launch? The new iPhones are still quite a bit of away out, but if we’re following Apple’s yearly release pattern, we will easily see a successor to the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR in September.

The typical expectation is that we’ll get an announcement in early September, followed by a small pre-order period, and then folks actually getting the new iPhone models into their hands. We don’t expect Apple to veer off from this release pattern, so we will definitely see something in September.

And yes, we’re expecting to see three new iPhones as well — a new iPhone XS and a new iPhone XS Max definitely. We are expecting to see a new iPhone XR as well, largely because this is Apple’s current best selling iPhone. They’d be almost silly to not recreate it for the next round of iPhone releases. We’ll at least see the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max in September, though a new iPhone XR could look more like November, just like the last release round.

iPhone 11 Rumors

There are, obviously, a lot of rumors circulating around the next round of iPhone models. We’re definitely looking at seeing successors to the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR; however, a report from Macotakara claims that Apple is looking at launching two additional iPhone models alongside the three that are already planned.

This might sound outlandish at first, but it actually makes sense, as Apple is looking at moving over to USB-C over the Lightning setup that they have going right now.

The report from Macotakara actually claims that the two new iPhone models that Apple is planning will feature the new USB-C connector, as well as OLED displays this time around. What makes these even more exciting is that we’re looking at a triple-lens camera system, an increase from the dual-lens that we have now.

What’s particularly interesting about this new report as that the duo will sit on the thicker side, too. The first is said to come in 6.1-inches in size, being around 0.15mm thicker than the iPhone XS. We’ll also see a large variant akin to the iPhone XS Max at 6.5-inches in size, and a whole 0.25mm thicker than the XS Max.

There are some other rumors around these phones that Macotakara says is from a trustworthy source. The new iPhone models should have something called reverse wireless charging, allowing you to use the duo to charge, say, your AirPods, and then other Qi-compatible electronics. This rumor isn’t too far-fetched, as this is the exact same thing that you can do in the new Samsung Galaxy S10 line of smartphones — set a Qi-compatible gadget on the back — even another Galaxy S10 — and you can charge that device up with the power from your current phone.

The iPhone 11 triple-camera

The triple-camera might sound a bit far-fetched considering that Apple just started offering the vertical dual-camera in its iPhone X, starting in 2017. However, a new report from Weibo shows an image that all but confirms the next generation iPhone featuring a triple camera setup. It’s essentially the cutout schematics of what we’ll see. It actually shows the triangular-shaped cutouts for the three lenses, and then square cutouts for some additional sensors that we’re planning to see in the camera.

If you didn’t think the iPhone’s camera could get any better, just wait.

Some more schematics were leaked on Twitter, and are backing up recent rumors that the iPhone 11 is going to sport that triple camera setup, possibly in a “visually offensive” way that Huawei did in their Mate 20 Pro. These schematics actually come from renowned Twitter leakster @OnLeaks, showing that the new iPhone 11 phones really could have the square camera bulge that is similar found on the Mate 20 Pro. We should see three cameras in a square-shaped housing on the phone, which will obviously feature a flash LED. We, however, don’t know exactly what Apple is planning on doing with the third sensor.

In further rumors for the new iPhone 11 comes around the front. We should see an upgraded camera sensor on the front, along with a much smaller Face ID module. The smaller Face ID module will be particularly nice, as that was a big complaint when it came to the original iPhone X, as well as the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

iPhone 11 Wireless charging

The schematic also implies that we’re going to see wireless charging in the new generation of iPhone. That’s hardly a surprise, as the iPhone has had support for Qi wireless charging since the iPhone 8, essentially ever since Apple started equipping the iPhone with glass backs. The schematic actually has a hole where the coil receiver will go, which confirms wireless charging; however, this might lend to the rumor that we’ll see reverse wireless charging as well.

A further report from Ming-Chi Kuo backs up earlier rumors surrounding reverse wireless charging, confirming that the next-gen iPhone will feature this type of technology. Like we already mentioned, this new type of technology will enable you to set something like the the Apple AirPods on the back of the iPhone, and then charge the AirPods that way.

iPhone 11 Battery

In addition to the reverse wireless charging confirmation, Kuo is also claiming that we’re going to see bigger batteries in the next line of iPhone as well.

This report was snagged by Apple Insider, which has some pretty big expectations for what’s next. Here’s what they’re saying, directly from the report:

“The batteries are said to grow by as much as 25 percent in the iPhone XS-sized model, with a similar power increase but lower volumetric increase of up to 15 percent for the iPhone XS Max. The extra volume is provided mostly by a new OLED screen laminate, with fewer needed layers than the existing models.”

According to the report, the new iPhone XR shouldn’t see much of a battery increase. The report obtained from Apple Insider says that it could be an increase with as little as 0 to 5 percent.

Where this report gets controversial is when it comes to the rumors regarding USB-C. Kuo says that the iPhone 11 will continue using the proprietary Lightning technology, instead of the rumored move to USB-C. However, Kuo is talking about the iPhone 11, which is the successor to the iPhone XS, XS Max, etc — not the next-gen iPhone duo that’s also rumored to launch alongside these.

iPhone 11 Price

Price is going to be a pretty big deal when it comes to the iPhone 11 line of smartphones. We have been seeing increased prices year over year when it comes to the iPhone, and with all of the new technology that’s planned for the iPhone 11 phones we could potentially be seeing a price increase. Or, we could see something a little different.

We could see the new iPhone 11 featuring the same price as the iPhone XS line of phones, and then see a price increase when it comes to the next-gen iPhone duo that’s rumored to launch alongside the iPhone 11.

The name

As we already mentioned in our summary, there are a lot of different names that the new iPhone could have. Rumors circulating are currently calling it the iPhone 11, returning to what the original iPhone naming scheme was — i.e. the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Plus. Or, we could see Apple instead continue this new new trend of using roman numerals.

That said, if not the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Plus, we could see the iPhone XI or the iPhone XI Max. It would be kind of a strange naming scheme for the iPhone XR successor, having a name like the iPhone XIR. Apple might have to do something like the iPhone XI Mini.

Or, we could see Apple ditch the numerical naming scheme altogether. So far we have seen Apple ditch numerical increments on the iPad and iPad Pro tablets, as well as the Mac, Macbooks, Apple TV. That said, the next logical step would be for Apple to ditch the incremental naming convention and instead just launch the new phones as the “new iPhone.”

That would make the most sense because, as we’ve already seen, the numerical naming convention can get quite out of hand after year on year releases.

So while nothing is necessarily set in stone just yet, the “new iPhone” is definitely a strong contender.

Keynote event

When will the keynote event happen? We can expect that to happen alongside the iPhone announcement, which again, will be in either early September or late August. It will likely be a longer keynote if we’re expecting to see a total of five iPhone models, though we’re not sure on an exact date. Some initial rumors are estimating that September 10 will be the big day.

What we’d like to see

Everyone has a wish list for what they’d like to see in the new iPhone. We have some practical ones that we would like to see launch in the iPhone 11, and features that we think most people would be in support of as well.

A smaller notch

One of the strangest things that has started out with the iPhone X is the love for the notch. When the phone was first announced in 2017, everyone hated the notch, not to mention the amount of screen space that it took up. However, it was a necessary evil, with Apple needing somewhere to put the Face ID module.

That said, folks have started accepting the notch, and we’ve even seen a ton of different smartphone manufacturers start including the notch in their own phones. And we admit, after some getting used to, the way it has been incorporated in the design aesthetic, it does actually look fairly nice, and does help distinguish the iPhone from the rest.

That said, we’d still like to see a smaller notch. We’d like to see it stay, at least as far as the iPhone goes, as Apple has been able to incorporate it really well; however, it’s definitely on the larger side, and could use some toning down.

A bigger iPhone 11 battery

As usual, we would like to see a larger battery come with the new iPhone 11 line of smartphones. Battery life even in 2023 continues to be a serious problem, with many power users seeing their iPhone not last them throughout the day. For people that rely on their phone for work, the battery life can be a huge issue, especially as more powerful hardware begins to tax our phones even more.

A bigger battery will likely happen, too. We’re seeing initial rumors that the iPhone 11 battery will be increased by around 25% and the “iPhone 11 Max” battery around 10 to 15%.


As you can see, there are a lot of iPhone 11 rumors surrounding Apple’s next line of smartphones. With it being one of the hottest devices every year, and it being a phone that everyone is always looking forward to, the rumor mill is already in full force. There are tons of rumors surrounding the smartphone, and though not every one of them will be true, the majority aren’t too far-fetched at this point.

We’re most excited to hear more about the next-gen iPhone duo. A duo featuring USB-C and a new OLED panel would be revolutionary for the iPhone, really starting to standardize the product line with versatile compatibility. The iPad Pro now operates off of USB-C only, and so do the Mac and Macbooks. Apple definitely has plans for the iPhone to be next.

What are you looking forward to in the new line of iPhone devices? Let us know in the comments section below — we’d love to hear from our readers!