iOS 13 Tips & Tricks: How To Share Audio With Apple AirPods

Apple released the new update iOS 13 to the public last September 19, 2019. The new iOS 13 offers a wide variety of new and improved features in apps as well as adding some cool features for Apple users to enjoy. One of the coolest additions making each user excited and eager to try is the option to have the same music play over two pairs of Apple AirPods. iOS 13 Share Audio with Apple AirPods lets two individuals listen to the same single stream of music. 

Audio sharing in iOS 13 allowing you to stream and listen to the audio that is playing from your Apple device or another person’s pair of  Apple AirPods. One important thing to take note is that even if your Apple Device support the new iOS 13 update, not all iPhone devices supports Audio sharing. Apple 8 and later models supports iOS 13 Share Audio with Apple AirPods.

If you’ve noticed Apple sometimes refers to this feature as Audio Sharing with Apple AirPods but that’s not always the case because it does not necessarily mean that Audio Sharing is limited only to the Apple AirPods per se. In fact, wireless headphones that has the H1 or W1 processor is able to support Audio Sharing feature too. 1st and 2nd generation of Apple AirPods, Powerbeats Pro, Powerbeats3 Wireless, Studio3 Wireless, BeatsX, Solo3 Wireless are among the few wireless headphones that supports Audio Sharing in iOS 13. How do we share our streamed music over Apple AirPods? Read on below to find out.

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Before you are able to do Audio Sharing, first you must pair the compatible wireless headphones to the iPhone device before you can send stream audio to another device.. Pairing the device to a wireless headphone can be done by doing these simple steps:

Apple AirPods that is still in the case: While the Apple AirPods is still in the case, opening the lid of the Apple AirPods Charging case automatically connects the Apple Apple AirPods to their iPhone. Now to do Audio Sharing, while your Apple AirPods is still connected to your device place the other Apple AirPods case next to yours. Wait for the prompt Temporarily Share Audio to appear and follow the on-screen instructions to hold for a few seconds the button of the Apple AirPods case.

Apple AirPods in-use: If an AirPods is currently in-use and you want to share your stream audio, just tap on the Control Center by swiping from the upper right corner of the screen of your Apple Device and select the AirPlay icon. The AirPlay icon can be found in the Now Playing Shortcut in the Control Center.

As with any Apple AirPods,, there is a Share Audio button located below. Tap on that button and place both headphones next to each other. A prompt will appear on your end, tap on Share Audio tab and ask the other end to tap Join on their device.

Share with Beats headphones: As mentioned beforehand, Audio Sharing is not limited to Apple AirPods. It can also be used with a Beat headphones that supports Audio Sharing. While using the Beat headphones connected to an iPhone, slightly press the Power button on the headphone, and place your compatible Apple Device next to the Beat Headphones. Again a prompt Temporarily Share Audio will appear, tap on it and follow the on-screen instructions. 

Now that you’re able to share your streamed audio with another person using their own wireless headphones, both also have the capability to control the volume of each connected headphones. Adjusting the volume can be done in two ways: first by using the volume keys located at the side of the iPhone, and secondly on the Control center and adjusting the volume using the slider to for volume up or volume down. Also, on the volume slider, you can see a small icon that lets you know that you are currently sharing your streamed audio. There will also be a display of two volume sliders for each connected headphones allowing each connected device to adjust the volume according to their preferred volume. 

iOS 13 Share Audio with Apple AirPods is not as easy to do and understand as anyone thought it would be but once you’ve figured it out, pairing and listening together will not be a hassle anymore. 

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