iOS 13.2 Update Causing Multitasking Issues for a Handful of Users

Apple has started sending the iOS 13.2 and iPadOS 13.2 updates to iPhones and iPads over the past few days. iPhone users are now complaining of some newfound bugs, something that could prove to be extremely annoying to each user. In order to conserve battery life, Apple has reportedly made some adjustments with the new update that kills of background apps frequently. This issue is so widespread that it’s coming in the way of actual multitasking as multiple experts pointed out on Twitter.

While Apple is yet to acknowledge this issue, it seems like the company will eventually have to come out with a statement on the matter. When the iOS 13.2 update was rolled out, some HomePod owners experienced a bug that effectively bricked their device. While Apple had remedies of its own, it appears as if the company isn’t fully prepared for the features that it’s so aggressively pushing out with each update. It is now hoped that Apple can fix this with a minor update.

A separate complaint on the Apple support forum suggested that Safari would automatically refresh pages each time the user switches to another app and back again. This illustrates that while Apple is keen on reducing background app usage as well as battery consumption, it hasn’t really put in a lot of work into this.

Are you facing trouble with multitasking after updating to iOS 13.2? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

Via: MacRumors