iOS 13.2 Update Appears to Be Bricking the Apple HomePod

Apple started sending the iOS 13.2 update last evening, and it seems like not everything is perfect. Owners of the HomePod are reportedly seeing their devices stuck in a loop after updating their device. This doesn’t appear to be isolated and multiple users have since taken to social media platforms like Twitter to share their grievances.

A newer report has now mentioned that Apple has officially pulled the iOS 13.2 update, although it doesn’t appear to be the case given that some users are still seeing the update in the Settings page. Here is an example that illustrates the issue perfectly:

Apple has recommended users not to reset the HomePod if they’ve updated to iOS 13.2, and if they have, they should contact Apple Support immediately. Since there’s not enough clarification from Apple, it’s hard to ascertain what’s causing the issue.

It’s considerably surprising that something like this would happen given that the HomePod was expected to receive some cool new features with iOS 13.2 including the ability to recognize up to six voices for more personalized family control of the smart speakers.


It goes without saying that if you’re a HomePod user and haven’t updated to iOS 13.2 on your iPhone yet, it’s better to wait further. But non-HomePod users should face no issues with the update. iOS 13.2 introduces all-new inclusive emoji, a bundle of privacy features (Siri), as well as camera improvements in the form of Deep Fusion camera tech for compatible iPhones.

Apple has faced multiple issues since iOS 13 was first introduced over a month ago. However, the company has been quick to issue bug fixing updates subsequently, so HomePod owners will hope to see the same level of urgency from Apple this time around.

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Via: iMore