How to Download and Install Firefox on MacBook

Your MacBook already has a pre-installed web browser called Safari. While Apple did a good job in improving it, there are many of us who prefer to use other browsers. I personally am used to having Firefox on my computers so when I bought my MacBook, the first thing I did after the setup was install Firefox. 

In this post, I will guide you in downloading and installing Firefox on your MacBook. So, if you’re new to Mac, installing apps might be a bit tricky. But don’t worry, it’s really pretty easy. Continue reading as I may be able to help you.

How to Install Firefox on MacBook

Time Needed : 5 minutes

The browser is not available in the App Store so you really have to download it from a third-party and install it on your device. Here’s how…

  1. Launch Safari. 

    Depending on how you’ve setup your MacBook, the browser might be on the dock. If not, then open the Launchpad and launch Safari from there.
    install firefox on macbook

  2. On the address bar, you may type ‘firefox’ and hit enter to search for it. 

    Or, you may log on to directly since you will be brought to the same page after the search.
    install firefox on macbook

  3. Once you’ve reached, find and click Download Firefox. 

    Your MacBook may prompt you if you want to allow downloads from the site, just click Allow.
    install firefox on macbook

  4. Wait for the download to finish. 

    Depending on how fast your connection is, the download may take just a few seconds to a minute.
    install firefox on macbook

  5. Once the download is done, open Finder. 

    And then go to the Downloads folder.
    install firefox on macbook

  6. Double-click on the Firefox installation file to run it. 

    The installation will be automated so you just have to wait until it’s finished.
    install firefox on macbook

  7. Once the browser is successfully installed, drag and drop Firefox to the Applications folder. 

    Wait until the system has finished copying Firefox files to the folder.
    install firefox on macbook

  8. You may now launch Firefox.

    install firefox on macbook

  • MacOS Catalina, Firefox
  • MacBook

You may be warned that Firefox was downloaded from a third-party website and asked if you want to open it. Just click Open. 

Firefox may also prompt you to change some settings or read some information before you can use it. But that’s how you download and install Firefox on your MacBook.


I am having a difficult time downloading Firefox. What must I do?

Most of the time, such a problem is due to unstable or no connectivity. Before you try downloading Firefox again, make sure that your MacBook is connected to a network and has a stable Internet connection. After that, try clearing the cache of your Safari and visit again. 

Firefox won’t open if I double-click it on the desktop. How can I fix it?

Try opening the Launchpad and open Firefox from there. This often works when it comes to apps that won’t run after the installation. If only the browser won’t open, the issue should be with the browser. However, if your MacBook can’t open other apps as well, then you should check your device to see if it’s still working properly. A reset might be necessary.

And that’s pretty much for now, guys.

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I hope that we’ve been able to help you install Firefox on your MacBook answer some of the questions. 

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