Huawei uses dubious tactics to steal Apple’s trade secrets

Recent reports reveal that China’s Huawei is pretty much determined to copy a number of parts used in Apple’s devices. The Information reported that the company used “dubious tactics” to obtain relevant information about trade secrets used in new and upcoming devices of its American counterpart.

One Huawei engineer was reportedly tasked to solicit information from Apple’s suppliers based in China. The said engineer arranged a meeting with a supplier that manufactures heart rate sensors for the Apple Watch on the pretext of closing a manufacturing deal.

The meeting reportedly lasted an hour and a half with the engineer and other four Huawei employees asking questions about the upcoming Apple Watch.

In another story, a former Apple employee reportedly did an interview with Huawei executives and was repeatedly asked about Apple’s upcoming products.

“It was clear they were more interested in trying to learn about Apple than they were in hiring me,” the former employee told The Information.

Another source told the website that Huawei allegedly copied a 2016 connector used to make the MacBook Pro hinge thinner. Such component appeared on the Chinese company’s MateBook X Pro which was released in 2018. Manufacturers who recognized the design refused to build the part for the company but apparently, Huawei found a willing partner.

The company’s CFO, Wanzhou Meng, was hit by a barrage of charges recently. She was arrested by Canadian authorities at the Vancouver International Airport and faces extradition to the U.S.

Source: The Information