How To Mute The Ringer And Alerts On Apple Watch Series 3

Whether you’re in a Business meeting or Romantic Dinner, it is wise to mute the ringer and alerts on your Apple Watch Series 3 so as not to disturb or cause any distractions. It is often necessary and sometimes ideal to mute your Apple Watch Series 3 for certain circumstances that needs some peace and quiet such as when you are sleeping. Doing so involves simple easy steps however there are important key points to keep in mind: the difference between “silent mode” and “do not disturb mode” since both are not the same thing. As with the former, it basically means being silent but the haptic will still continue to tap for notifications on your wrist and it does not also silent the alarms and timers set on the Apple Watch Series 3 while it is charging. On the other hand, the latter completely turns off the sounds and haptic tap as well.

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First Option: SILENT MODE

Enable using your wearable device:

1. To make sure you’re on your Apple Watch face, slightly push Digital Crown.

2. Swipe up using your fingers for the Control Center to appear.

3. Scroll down and look for the Silent Button, an icon that looks like a bell. Choose and tap the “bell” icon. The icon will light up and will appear to have a slash through.

Enable using your Apple Watch App on iPhone:

1. Open the Apple Watch Application

2. Tap on “Sounds and Haptics”

3. Enable Silent Mode


These feature prevents calls and alerts from lighting up your Apple Watch Screen and keeping it from making a sound on alerts, although alarms will still sound when using this mode.

1. To reveal the Control Center, from the Watch face swipe up.

2. Then look for the Do Not Disturb Button, an icon that looks like a crescent moon. The icon will light up when enabled and will appear in the upper center of the Apple Face Display.

3. You will be given an option to choose how long this mode will be activate. Options like “until manually turn it off” or “On for 1 hour” or for a certain amount of time. Hence, the mode will automatically disabled after the set period of time.

Third option: THEATER MODE

With this mode, the Silent mode is activated and it disables the “Wake Screen on Wrist” feature temporarily. Tapping the watch display or turning the digital crown make the watch screen awaken.

1. To reveal the Control Center, swipe up.

2. Gently tap the Theater mode, an icon that looks like two masks. When it is activated, the masks icon will be displayed at the top of the Apple Face Display. Also, when tapping the two masks, the silent mode icon automatically lights up together with the theater mode icon.

Note: Haptic Notifications will still be enabled in Theater Mode. In order to turn off the Haptic Alerts, the Sounds and Haptic control found in the settings of the Apple Watch must be turned off.

If you want to reverse the above modes, disabling or tapping the icons to turn the lights off and the ringer and alerts are now back.

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