How To Get More Storage Space On Your 9.7 inch Apple iPad 2018

You might be wondering why your iPad get slower over time, it’s simply because there is less space or little space left on it hence, the 9.7 inch iPad comes with a storage capacity of 32 GB and 128 GB.  After getting a new iPad we always tend to download games, favorite apps and trying new apps to see how they perform on the new iPad for months. For all we know it’s been a year we forgot about those apps and some were not even opened ever since or perhaps no longer using it.

It is always a good habit that we occasionally “clean” our iPad of unused apps and poor photos or videos. We can opt to store them using an external hard drive before actually deleting them from your iPad.  But before you do the “cleaning” of your iPad, check first storage capacity left on your iPad–how much photos and videos are taking up your storage space and how much is taken by apps installed. To do this you can simply go to “Settings”, then select ‘iPad Storage”. If you see that most of the apps and photos or videos that you aren’t even using is taking so much of your storage space then it’s time to free some space. How to get more storage space on your 9.7 inch Apple iPad 2018 will be explained below.

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1.Delete some apps

To do this, simply go to the Home Screen, Tap and Hold the app’s icon until it starts to move about lightly or make it look like its “wiggling”. After which, tap the small “close” button, an icon that looks like an “X” found at the upper left corner of the app. To end, press the Home Button to close the management mode of the app.

2. Offload some apps

To free some space without deleting the apps completely, say perhaps you’re still planning to use the app anytime soon. Offloading the app is recommended rather than deleting them since it will remain on the Home Screen of the iPad and if you want to use the app back, you can simply tap its icon and the download will immediately start rather than deleting them and downloading them back again from app store. To do this open the “Settings” app from the Home Screen, tap “General”, then “iPad Storage”. Scroll down to find a list of apps along with the storage capacity they are using for each app. To offload, tap the app and simply tap “Offload App”.

3. Remove Downloaded content from the apps.

Removing or Offloading the apps and Deleting photos and videos may not always be the solution to free up some storage space of your iPad especially if the apps are being used on a daily basis. Removing Unused Content directly from the apps can do just the thing. 

Netflix, Kindle, Apple Music for instance are apps that let uses download content for offline use. But, you don’t need an entire season movie content Netflix on your iPad for a 3 hour flight, right? Removing Downloaded content simply means that managing the content of your iPad by leaving only the songs, books or movies that you are truly going to use for the next couple of days and not for an entire month.

Each app has a different way on the iPad to remove the download content. It depends on what app you’d like to remove the content with. For example, with Netflix app, downloaded contents can be removed manually one by one in the Download tab, while in the Kindle app is done by simply tapping and holding the book and selecting “Remove from Device” from the library view. 

4. Delete Messages on iCloud

This step will delete old messages and conversations that may have been synced to your iPad.

If you have an iCloud account, make sure that iCloud is syncing and storing your messages by going to “Settings”, tap on “Messages”, then tap on “Messages on iCloud”. To delete messages, go to “Settings”, tap on “General”, then tap on “Storage” and make sure to enable “Auto Delete Old Conversations”.

The guide on how to get more storage space on your 9. 7 inch Apple iPad 2018 mentioned above can somehow help you to have more space for other useful new apps and more new photos and videos as well. Furthermore, always keep your iOS version up to date as possible. Updated versions have improvements that often include better storage format or data management that can help free up your storage space. 

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