How to fix Gmail app that keeps crashing, not loading properly on Apple iPhone XS [Troubleshooting Guide]

Several factors can trigger online apps like Gmail to suddenly crash or fail to load. And highlighted in this post are some of the common culprits along with the possible solutions. Feel free to refer to the following step-by-step methods whenever you find trouble using the Gmail app on your iPhone XS.

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How to troubleshoot iPhone XS with Gmail app that keeps crashing

Before troubleshooting software issues that may have interfered with Gmail operations, verify and ensure that you’re entering the correct Gmail password. You can also visit the Gmail website and try logging in to the same email account through webmail. Just open Safari, Chrome, or other browser app you’ve got then navigate to If you can sign, receive and send emails through Gmail website (webmail), then the problem is most likely with your iOS device.  In that case, you may opt to continue and troubleshoot software problems on your iPhone XS that might have prevented Gmail app from working properly.

First solution: Force close Gmail app then restart your iPhone XS.

Minor glitches transpiring on the Gmail app can be the main reason why it suddenly stopped working or failed to load on your iPhone XS. A simple solution to this would be to force Gmail app to close and then restart. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Go to the Home screen.
  2. Swipe your finger up and then pause.
  3. Swipe right or left to navigate through the apps preview until you find Gmail.
  4. Then swipe up on the Gmail app preview to close it. You can also close all background apps to prevent them from causing conflict with the Gmail app.

After closing out Gmail and other background apps, soft reset/restart your iPhone XS.

  1. Press and hold the Side/Power button and either Volume buttons simultaneously for a few seconds.
  2. Release the buttons when the Slide to Power Off command appears.
  3. Drag the power off slider to the right.
  4. After 30 seconds, press and hold the Power button or Side button again until the Apple logo appears.

Performing a soft reset on the iPhone also helps rid of minor software errors that may have halted Gmail app and eventually caused it to stop working on your device. It also dumps errant cache and refreshes the phone’s operating system. All these are done without affecting any saved data on the internal memory, hence won’t result to data loss.

Second solution: Update Gmail app on your iPhone XS.

Updates for Gmail app may also contain the required fix if bugs are to blame. Like iOS updates, app updates also offer fix patches to get rid of software-related issues inflicted by random bugs and malware. If auto-update isn’t enabled for Gmail on your iPhone XS, then you need to manually install pending updates for Gmail and other apps on your device. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Open the App Store.
  2. Navigate to the Updates section. A list of apps with pending updates will then pop up.
  3. Find Gmail and then tap the Update button next to its name to install pending Gmail updates.
  4. If multiple app updates are available, tap the Update All button on the upper right side of the screen to update all apps simultaneously.

Restart your iPhone once all apps are finished updating and then retry loading Gmail to see if it’s already able to load and working stable.  

Third solution: Remove then reinstall Gmail app.

There’s a higher chance that the app has been totally corrupted and therefore no longer works unless it’s reinstalled. This is likely the case if the problem persists after applying the previous workarounds. So here’s what you need to do next:

  1. If necessary, unlock your iPhone by entering your passcode or Face ID to access the Home screen.
  2. From the Home screen, tap and hold on an app icon until the icons start jiggling.
  3. Tap the X on the Gmail app icon.
  4. Read the warning prompt, and then select Delete to confirm deletion of the app.
  5. Reboot your iPhone XS (soft reset) after deleting Gmail app.
  6. Then open the App Store.
  7. Navigate to the Updates or Purchased tab.
  8. Tap the Not on This iPhone tab.
  9. Select the Gmail app to reinstall it on your iPhone.
  10. If you don’t see the app from the selected tab, try switching to All tab.

Alternatively, you can just type in Gmail app on the App Store search box then tap to select it from the search results. Then tap the Cloud icon or Get button to install the app on your iPhone.

Fourth solution: Toggle Airplane mode on and off again.

Many users found this trick helpful when dealing with network-related issues on the phone. Gmail is an online app thus may suddenly stop working whenever network connectivity issues occur on your iPhone. One of the simplest yet effective solution to minor network-related problems is the Airplane mode trick. When Airplane mode is enabled, wireless radios on the iPhone including Wi-Fi, Cellular Data, and Bluetooth are automatically disabled and turning it off, re-enables the wireless features. Thus toggling the Airplane mode switch is like giving a quick restart on your iPhone XS wireless functions.

To give this a try, head over to Settings-> Airplane mode menu, then toggle the switch to turn Airplane mode on. With Airplane mode enabled, restart/soft reset your iPhone XS, then turn off Airplane mode again from your iPhone settings.

Wait for your iPhone to reconnect to Wi-Fi and once connected, open the Gmail app and see if it’s now working fine and stable.

Fifth solution: Reset all settings on your iPhone XS.

Incorrect settings on the iPhone can also cause conflict to certain apps. To rule this out, try to reset all settings to wipe all customized settings from your iPhone XS and then restore the default or original values. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Open the Settings app from Home.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Scroll down to and tap Reset.
  4. Select the option to Reset all settings.
  5. If prompted, enter your device passcode.
  6. Then tap the option to confirm all settings reset.

When the reset is finished, your iPhone restarts by itself. Wait until it boots up then reconnect to Wi-Fi. Once connected, open Gmail app and see if it’s already loading properly and not no longer crashing.

Also check if IMAP is enabled on your Gmail account. In order to deliver mail to your iPhone, iPad, or computer, Gmail uses a standard technology called IMAP or Internet Message Access Protocol. If this feature is disabled, emails won’t show up on your device.

The easiest way to enable this feature is by signing in to your Gmail account on a computer. Once you’re logged in, tap the Settings icon on the top right side of the screen then tap Settings. Click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab then scroll down to IMAP Access section. Make sure IMAP status says it’s enabled. Otherwise, click the option button to Enable IMAP.

If Gmail app was previously working fine on your iPhone XS but not when you went out for a vacation, then that’s likely because of Google’s security restrictions. There’s a higher chance for Gmail to stop loading given that you’re attempting to access it on a new location. Part of security measures implemented by Google, access to your Gmail account from a new location is blocked as it assumed that someone was trying to hack into your email account. In that case, you may have to contact Google’s Gmail support to report the issue and request further assistance in accessing your email account from another location. Or you can also try removing the email account and then set it up again on your iPhone XS.

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