How To Disable Facial Recognition On Facebook In 5 Easy Steps

A new feature of tag suggestion on photos being uploaded on Facebook is the Facial Recognition. It is pretty much the same as the old tag suggestion feature but this time you no longer have to manually tag a person but instead it analyzes the videos and photos that you might be in and suggests who the person is.

It is a fun feature for some, but it can sometimes be a risk to one’s privacy. Not all individuals want to be tagged on a particular photo. Although you will be notified once a person tagged you on that photo, you can choose whether accept the tagged or not. Remember, once a person has been tagged on that photo, all the friends on the friend’s list will be able see that picture. Also, at times, tagged photo might actually be risky as this can also be used to get personal information about the person being tagged. Do not worry, you have the option to disable facial recognition.

In here, we will teach you on how to disable facial recognition on Facebook in 5 easy steps:

Disable Facial Recognition on Facebook

Time needed: 5 minutes.

  1. Launch browser and type in

    Log in to your Facebook account if you are not log in already.Disable Facial Recognition

  2. Click on Settings

    At the upper right corner of the Facebook home screen, click on the arrow pointing downwards. A dropdown menu will appear, then click on Settings.Facial Recognition

  3. Click on Facial Recognition.

    Facial recognition is located at the left side corner of the screenDisable Facial Recognition

  4. Click on Edit

    On the Facial Recognition section from the Facial Recognition Settings, click on Edit.Edit Facial Recognition

  5. Select NO and Click on Close

    Select NO on the drop down arrow then click on Close to apply changes.Disable Facial Recognition

When the Facial Recognition feature is OFF or Disabled, Facebook can no longer scan the photos being uploaded on its facial recognition technology and your friends can no longer see tag suggestions on their photos.

After performing the steps listed above you will successfully Disabled Facial Recognition feature on Facebook.

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