How To Decode DVD To Play The DVD On iPhone iPad

Headed out on a plane ride, or going through an area where the cell service is spotty? Either situation puts the kibosh on streaming videos or movies; however, you can still watch local videos and movies. Those local videos are usually pretty limited, as you don't always have access to the DVDs or movies that you want to watch. Those are usually stuck on a streaming platform like Netflix, or in the form of a physical DVD on your bookshelf.

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Looking for a way to watch your DVD content on your iPhone or iPad?  We recommend WinX DVD Ripper to save your favorite movie or show onto your device.

While we obviously can't get Netflix to work because of the bad cell reception, we can at least plan in advance by decoding the DVDs on your shelf, and then moving them over to your phone. Ready to get your DVDs on your iPhone or iPad? Follow along below, and we'll show you how easy it is below. Let's get started.

Why decode a DVD?

We touched a little bit on why you would want to decode a DVD. The biggest reason is that it allows you to convert it from the physical DVD format into a digital file format that can be played by the iPhone or iPad. Unless you have a digital copy of your DVD already, there's no way of getting on the iPhone or iPad, other than buying another copy, but in a digital format.

That's why decoding a DVD can be so important -- it doesn't require you buying another, digital copy of the same DVD. You just put your DVD into a CD tray on your Windows 10 or Mac machine, and then load up WinX DVD Ripper Platinum to decode the DVD into a file format that can be played on the iPhone or iPad.

Decoding a DVD has other benefits aside from just getting it in a format that can be played on your mobile devices. One of the major ones is that you can preserve the life of your DVDs by decoding them into a digital format. By digitizing them, they can't be lost or ruined.

DVDs that won't play or skip a lot while playing due to scratching on the disk are good ones to digitize as well. This enables you to watch your DVD on your computer or iPhone straight through again, this time without interruptions from those scratches or not playing errors.

All of that aside, let's get back to the crux of this guide: decoding a DVD with WinX DVD Ripper Platinum for playing on the iPhone and iPad:

How to decode a DVD

Before we can do anything, we need to make sure that WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is on your PC or Mac. You can download it here for either operating system, but just make sure you choose which one you're using to pull down the correct file.

Download it and follow the steps in the installation wizard, as you would a normal program.

Next, you'll want to pull together the DVD or DVDs that you want to decode on your computer, and then enter the first DVD into the DVD tray. Many Mac machines these days no longer come with a DVD tray, so you may need to pick up an external option, like this one.

With WinX DVD open, we need to setup the DVD for conversion by loading it into the program. This part is actually fairly simple, with it being as straight forward as clicking -- or tapping, if you have a touchscreen, on the DVD button. This will be in the toolbar at the top of the program, and then the furthest left option, as seen in the image above.

Once you've pressed the button and followed any necessary prompts that appear, we're ready to finally decode the DVD into a format that can be played on mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad.

It's time to select the Output Profile, otherwise known as the file format the DVD will be outputted to -- i.e. .MP4. WinX DVD Ripper Platinum actually has a lot of options for that, allowing you to convert your DVD into most popular and traditional formats available today.

Select the format that you think would work best. Most choices land in either .MP4 or ISO, but ISO might not be your best bet, as those files often have to be "loaded" into a player for playback. That's not very easy, especially on a mobile devices. That's why we like MP4, which can be played on almost any device, including Windows 10, Mac and popular devices like the iPhone XS and most iPad models.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum actually makes it really easy for the layman to choose a file format. While it will output as a .MP4 file, the actual options you select will be identified as things like "For iPhone / iPad" or "Android Phone / Pad", etc. Or, you can simply choose the MP4 option at the top.

Once you've chosen an Output Profile, you can simply press OK at the bottom of the window. Now, that is the official format the DVD will be converted into.

Next, we need to make a selection for the DVD quality we want outputted. WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is a fast program, but can still take time converting a DVD into a digital format when it's a two hour to two and a half hour movie, and you want it in the original, best quality. That's why WinX DVD Ripper Platinum gives us options.

At the bottom right of the Output Profile options, you'll see a slider with the letters LQ and HQ on either side. High Quality brings you original quality, but takes longer to rip, whereas the lower quality brings you slightly reduced video quality, but at a much quicker ripping speed. You can choose your most ideal option, but keep in mind of the affects that it will have on the DVD ripping and decoding time.

Next, we're going to select a destination folder for where we want out converted file to end up. You'll want to press the Browse button, and will open up File Explorer or Finder, depending on your operating system. Choose the file path that you feel is most ideal, and then press OK. This could be in, say, C:\Users\Movies or C:\Users\Downloads.

Now, there's just one final step. If your computer has the right hardware, we can select to use the High Quality Engine, otherwise known as GPU Acceleration. This feature is a box that can be checked, and speeds up the decoding process up substantially, keeping you from having to have your computer's resources taken up for hours at a time. However, it does put more of a demand on your PC's resources, but for a shorter amount of time.

Once you have all of your settings selected, you can press the RUN button at the bottom-right of the program. This will start the ripping or decoding process, turning the DVD -- with all of our adjustments in mind -- into the digital format that we want.

Keep in mind while running the decoding press, you won't want to abruptly close WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, nor will you want to purposely or accidentally remove the DVD from the DVD tray. You could easily cause loss of data this way, potentially ruining your DVD completely.

Move your video to iPhone

Next, you'll want to grab your iPhone or iPad, and then plug it into your Mac or PC by way of a USB-A to Lightning cable. Now, locate the file of where you saved the video. You'll want to right-click on it, and then click on the option that says Copy.

Now, you'll want to navigate over to your iPhone. You can find this in the left navigation pane, around where you would see your C:\ and D:\ drives. Click on the iPhone option, and then head into the file where you want to save it. Once it's where you want it saved, right-click on the whitespace, and press Paste.

This can take quite some time, simply because of the sheer file size of the DVD video; however, with current USB 3.0 speeds, you shouldn't be waiting longer than 5-10 minutes, depending on how much your iPhone or iPad is capable of receiving.

Finally, open up your iPhone and locate the video. You should see this under the Files app. Open the folder where you saved the video, tap the video, and then it should automatically begin playing.

If you saved the video to your DCIM folder, instead, you would find it under your camera roll or photo gallery. Search for the video there if it isn't under the Files app.

It's worth noting that since Windows itself doesn't support file transfers to the iPhone, you'll have to download iTunes and "sync" the video to your iPhone or iPad. Or, you can use a third-party tool like DearMob iPhone Manager or MediaTrans.


That's all there is to to it! You just decoded, saved, and transferred your first DVD video to your iPhone or iPad. Now, you're ready to watch and play your favorite pieces of media whenever you'd like, even when cell reception isn't where it should be!

Have you used WinX DVD Ripper Platinum before? Do you have a favorite way for decoding DVDs to your Windows 10 or Mac machine? Let us know in the comments section below.