How To Customize The Control Center On 12.9 Inch iPad Pro

Apple users are fond of customizing the Control Center on their 12.9 Inch iPad Pro to personalize it according one’s preferences based on the usage and needs of each featured applications and controls. The feature to Customize the Control Center on 12.9 Inch iPad Pro are available for iOS 11 and higher updates. 

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  1. Open the “Settings” Menu app on the iPad Pro.
  2. Select by tapping “Control Center”.
  3. Then select by tapping “Customize Controls”. This is where you can add or organize controls and apps to appear in Control Center. You can add to as much as 15 control names as you like.

         3.1 To add Controls, scroll down and choose by tapping on the green (+) plus sign next on the control name that you want to add. After the green (+) plus sign button is pressed, it can now be seen at the “include” located at the top part of the customize section and will now be included in the Control Center. 

        3.2 To remove Controls, at the “include” located at top part, lightly tap the red (-) minus button next to the control name and then choose remove. After the control name is removed, it will appear back at the “more controls” option” below and will no longer appear in the Control Center.

  1. Now access the Control Center by swiping from the top-right portion of the Home Screen so be able to check the changes you’ve made.

Some features and controls in the Control Center are permanent and cannot be removed such as the common controls such as the as Wifi, Bluetooth, airplane mode and airdrop control, the music and the rotation controls cannot be remove as well, and also the screen orientation rotation lock, screen mirroring, the brightness and volume controls too, and the Do not Disturb feature. These features are all options provided by Apple that cannot be added or deleted from the Control Center. Perhaps in the upcoming iOS versions in the future, Apple might add a feature where we can remove those permanently provided options which we do not need nor use on a daily basis.

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