Staying Focused: How to Block Snapchat on Your iPhone

Snapchat can be a fun way to stay connected with friends. But the constant stream of snaps, stories, and chats can also become a major distraction. If you want to reduce your Snapchat usage or block it entirely on your iPhone, there are a few different approaches you can take. Read on to find out the blocking method that suits you best.

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1st Method: Use Screen Time App Limits

The easiest way to limit Snapchat is by using Screen Time in your iPhone’s settings. Screen Time allows you to set daily limits for app usage, Downtime, and content filters. 

To get started:

1. Open the Settings app and tap “Screen Time.” Ensure Screen Time is enabled.

2. Tap “App Limits” and select “Add Limit.” Search for and choose “Snapchat.”

3. Set the time limit for Snapchat to 1 minute per day, 1 minute per week, or however long you want to allow it.

You can also use “Always Allowed” to permit Snapchat during certain times only, like weekends or evenings. Once the limit is reached, the Snapchat app will be blocked for the rest of the day.

2nd Method: Enable Downtime in Screen Time

Another option for Screen Time is Downtime. Use this to schedule offline hours when apps like Snapchat are completely unavailable. 

1. In Screen Time, select Downtime. 

2. Set a schedule for Downtime, like 10 pm to 7 am daily. 

3. Under “Always Allowed,” make sure Snapchat is disabled.

4. Toggle on Scheduled. Snapchat will now be blocked during your scheduled Downtime hours.

3rd Method: Delete the Snapchat App

If you want a more permanent block, delete the Snapchat app from your iPhone:

1. Touch and hold the Snapchat app icon until it starts wiggling.

2. Tap the X icon displayed on the app to delete it. Confirm the deletion.

Without the app installed, you won’t be able to access Snapchat from your iPhone at all. You can always reinstall it later from the App Store if you change your mind.

4th Method: Prevent Reinstalling with Restrictions 

Take things to the next level by preventing yourself from reinstalling Snapchat using Restrictions. 

1. Go to Settings > Screen Time> Content & Privacy Restrictions. 

2. Select Content Restrictions and then set it to Limit Adult Content.

3. Under Allowed Apps, choose Don’t Allow Apps.

4. Disable Snapchat under Allowed Apps if it’s listed.

With restrictions enabled, you can no longer install apps rated 17+, like Snapchat. To uninstall restrictions, you’ll need to enter the Screen Time passcode.

5th Method: Block Snapchat Servers

For extreme cases, you can block Snapchat’s servers from being accessed on your Wi-Fi network through router-level parental controls.

Log into your Wi-Fi router’s admin console and look for parental control or access control settings. Add and Snap’s IP addresses to be blocked. This will stop all traffic to Snapchat.

This will prevent Snapchat from working while connected to your home Wi-Fi. But it can be circumvented with a VPN or cellular data.

6th Method: Use a Distraction Blocker App

Another option is to use a distraction blocker app like Freedom or Flipd. These let you block a list of distracting apps and websites on a schedule.

Add Snapchat to the blocked app list in Freedom or Flipd. Set a schedule to block Snapchat during study hours, work hours, or at night. The app runs in the background and hides restricted apps.

These distraction blockers cost a small subscription fee but make it hard to override the blocks during allotted times. They also work across iOS and Android devices.

7th Method: Ask a Friend to Set a Passcode 

As a last resort, you can have a trusted friend set a Screen Time passcode for you. This will prevent you from overriding app limits or deleting the passcode without their help.

Just know that once a Screen Time passcode is set by someone else, there is no easy way around it. You will be able to uninstall apps or change restrictions once the passcode is entered. But it can work if you need accountability.

Regaining Focus

At the end of the day, limiting Snapchat and social media comes down to self-control. But putting a few barriers in place with Screen Time, deletion, and blocker apps can help you reduce the mindless scrolling. Use a combination of approaches to find what works best for you.

Blocking Snapchat on iPhone FAQs

  1. Q1: How can I limit my time on Snapchat?

    A1: The easiest way is to use Screen Time in your iPhone settings. You can set a daily time limit for Snapchat or schedule Downtime when it is completely blocked.

  2. Q2: Will deleting the Snapchat app get rid of it permanently?

    A2: No, deleting the app will remove it from your iPhone, but you can reinstall Snapchat at any time by visiting the App Store. To permanently block reinstallation, enable restrictions.

  3. Q3: Can I block Snapchat on my kid’s iPhone?

    A3: Yes, install Screen Time on their iPhone and create app limits or downtime schedules to restrict Snapchat. You can also delete Snapchat and prevent reinstalling using restrictions.

  4. Q4: How do I block Snapchat from working on my home Wi-Fi network?

    A4: Log into your Wi-Fi router admin console and add to the blocked list. This will stop connectivity on Wi-Fi, but Snapchat will still work over cellular data.

  5. Q5: What’s the best third-party app for blocking distractions like Snapchat?

    A5: Apps like Freedom, Flipd, and Forest are designed to block distracting apps and sites during set times. Add Snapchat to your block list and set a schedule that fits your needs. These apps charge a small subscription fee.

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