How Much Data Does YouTube Use on an iPhone?

YouTube data usage on iphone

Watching YouTube videos on your iPhone can quickly eat up your mobile data allowance. The amount of data YouTube uses depends on several factors, including video quality, length of videos, and more.

Here’s a breakdown of how much data YouTube typically uses on an iPhone:

Video Quality

The higher quality of the video, the more data it will consume. Here’s an estimate of how much data YouTube uses for different video qualities on an iPhone:

– 144p (low quality): Around 1MB per minute 

– 240p (standard definition): Around 2MB per minute

– 360p (standard definition): Around 3MB per minute

– 480p (standard definition): Around 4MB per minute 

– 720p HD: Around 5MB per minute

– 1080p HD: Around 7MB per minute

– 1440p HD: Around 10MB per minute

– 2160p 4K: Around 20MB per minute

So a 10-minute YouTube video in 720p HD would use around 50MB of data. The same video in 4K would use 200MB.

Video Length 

The longer the video, the more data is used. A 5-minute video will consume around half the data of a 10-minute video at the same quality.

Audio Quality

Higher audio bitrates will also increase data usage slightly compared to lower audio quality, though not as much of an impact as video quality.


When you start a YouTube video, it will pre-buffer a portion before you actually begin watching. This consumes some extra initial data but leads to smoother streaming.

Ads and Related Videos

If you watch ads and auto-play related videos, this will increase your data consumption compared to just watching the main video alone.


Under YouTube’s Settings, you can enable “Limit Mobile Data Usage,” which may help reduce the amount of data YouTube uses on your iPhone. This may limit video quality but can help control heavy data use.

The quality and length of videos make the biggest difference in YouTube’s data usage on an iPhone. Lower resolutions, shorter videos, and limiting related videos/ads can help manage your data usage when streaming YouTube on the go. Monitoring your iPhone’s Data Usage under Settings can also help track your YouTube and overall data consumption.

YouTube Data Usage on iPhone FAQs

  1. FAQ 1: How can I check how much mobile data YouTube is using on my iPhone?

    You can check your overall mobile data usage for YouTube and other apps under Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data. This will show a breakdown of data used per app.

  2. FAQ 2: Does watching YouTube in HD use more data than in Standard Definition?

    Yes, watching YouTube videos in HD consumes significantly more data compared to Standard Definition quality. For example, a 10-minute HD video may use around 50MB, while the same video in SD would only use 30 MB.

  3. FAQ 3: Does pausing a YouTube video reduce data consumption?

    Yes, when you pause a YouTube video, it temporarily stops transferring data, which helps reduce overall data usage. Resuming playback will continue using data again.

  4. FAQ 4: Should I be worried about using too much data if I only watch YouTube over WiFi?

    If you consistently watch YouTube only when connected to WiFi, you don’t need to worry as much about data usage. However, you should still monitor usage if streaming long playlists or high-quality video.

  5. FAQ 5: How can I save data when watching YouTube videos on my iPhone?

    Enabling ‘Limit Mobile Data Usage’ in YouTube settings, lowering video quality, downloading videos to watch offline, and avoiding auto-playing related videos can all help minimize data consumption when watching YouTube on an iPhone.

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