How Do I Increase Or Decrease Font Size On iPhone Or iPad?

Are you having trouble seeing text on your iPad? It’s highly possible that the font size was adjusted on accident, you’re using an app that was poorly coded, or you’re having trouble with your eyesight. Whether the text is too small or too large for you, Apple allows you to easily adjust font sizes to meet your specific requirements on both the iPhone and iPad. An option like this may have been buried in the Settings menu in iOS versions long ago, but now, it’s easier than ever.

Not sure how to adjust the font sizes on your iPhone or iPad? Follow along below, and we’ll show you how you can in just a couple of steps.

Font Size On The iPhone

Like we mentioned, it’s actually quite easy to adjust font sizes on the iPhone. First, grab your iPhone. You’ll want to make sure that it’s updated to the latest version, and as of the time of this writing, that version is iOS 12.1.4.

To adjust your font size, you’ll first want to open the Settings app itself. It resembles a gear icon, or you can swipe all the way to the left and search for “Settings” in the Universal Search function.

Once you have the Settings app opened, tap on the option that plainly says Display & Brightness. Here you’ll be able to adjust just about everything in relation to text on your iPhone. You’ll want to select the Text Size option to adjust the font itself.

Now, unlike some platforms, iOS doesn’t allow you to adjust the font size in terms of pixel sizes. You can adjust the font-size on a pre-determined scale. You can adjust it on seven different points, from small to large. By default, it sits squarely in the middle, but you can touch and hold the circle to move the font size to something more comfortable for your eyes.

If you need something larger than what the default Font Size option has, you’ll want to go into the General Settings option, and then tap on the menu item that says Accessibility. Tap on the option that says Larger Text, and then tap on the slider that says Larger Accessibility Sizes to make even larger text adjustable. You’ll then be able to use the slider to make text extremely large, so even those who are very hard of sight can see!

If you need, you can also turn on Zoom here, which might make it easier to have a normal-appearing phone, but be able to zoom into certain objects that you specifically need to see.

It’s worth noting that adjusting the font size will only work for some apps. An app actually has to support iOS’ Dynamic Type functions for the font-size adjusts to work; however, iOS will automatically apply your changes where it can.

Font Size On the iPad

Adjusting your font size is similar on the iPad. The variations between the iPhone and iPad aren’t too many ever since Apple started unifying the two platforms.

That said, open up the Settings app on your iPad, and tap on the option that says Display & Brightness. Next, tap on the option that says Text Size. And just like on the iPhone, right at the bottom, you can adjust the font size on a pre-determined sliding scale. Like the iPhone, by default, it’s chosen for you squarely in the middle, but you can still adjust it from smallest to largest.

If you need text size that’s even larger than the maximum that the Text Size option provides to you, head back into the main Settings menu. Then, head to General > Accessibility. Tap on the option that says Larger Text, tap on the slider so that it’s green to enable larger accessibility sizes, and then you can adjust the text size to be quite large.

Just like on the iPhone, these settings being applied all depends on what apps support Dynamic Type functions. If an app doesn’t, the changes won’t be applied to that app. iOS will apply it wherever it can, however.  For anything else, you’ll have to contact the App Developer to get them to support those functions.


As you can see, adjusting your font size on both the iPhone and iPad are extremely easy. If you’re on iOS 12, you can start adjusting your font size in just a couple of steps. If you’re someone who needs something a little larger than what iOS is able to natively provide, you can turn on Accessibility mode to get even larger text.

If you got lost somewhere, feel free to leave a comment below — we’d love to help you out where we can!