How to Hide IP address while using Mail on iPhone 14 (Privacy Protection)

This post will walk you through utilizing the iPhone 14 Mail app privately by making the IP address of your device hidden. Here’s a quick guide to hide your IP address while using Mail on the Apple iPhone 14 series using the iOS Privacy Protection feature.

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Time Needed : 3 minutes

You may have noticed that your iPhone is showing a Mail privacy protection pop-up. This is part of Apple’s multiple measures to ensure privacy among iPhone owners and to safeguard your private data.

Depicted below is the actual process of activating the Mail Privacy Protection feature on the recently released iPhone 14 devices. Feel free to refer to this guide if you need help in the process.

  1. Whenever you’re all set, navigate to the Home screen then tap the Settings icon. Just look for the gear-shaped image lined up among other shortcut icons then tap on it to get to the iOS settings menu.

    hide ip address in iphone 14 mail1

    Alternatively, you can launch the settings menu by tapping on the Settings app shortcut from the App library.

  2. While in the Settings menu, scroll to find Mail from the given items then tap on it.

    hide ip address in iphone 14 mail2

    The Mail app settings will load up the next screen.

  3. Navigate to the Messages section. There, you will see three main options including Ask Before Deleting, Privacy Protection and Follow Up Suggestions.

    hide ip address in iphone 14 mail3

    Tap Privacy Protection to continue.

  4. On the succeeding window, you’ll see a single toggle to Protect Mail Activity. To hide your iPhone’s IP address when using the Mail app, tap to turn the Protect Mail Activity switch ON.

    hide ip address in iphone 14 mail4

    Privacy Protection is now enabled on your iPhone's Mail application and remains active unless you switch it OFF.

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You can always change this setting at any time when needed. Just repeat the same steps to return to the Mail app settings where you can find the Privacy Protection menu.

What happens when Privacy Protection is enabled?

When enabled, this feature hides your iPhone’s IP address and downloads remote content privately whenever you get a new message in Mail. This results in concealing both your identity and your actions.

Senders will then be limited from linking your iPhone’s IP address to your other online activities or determining your exact location. And if any of these senders sent you an email, enabling Mail Privacy Protection will prevent them from seeing or knowing if you’ve opened the email that they’ve sent you.

More Email Privacy Features for iOS

A relevant feature that you can use to use the Mail app for email processing and management is called the Hide My Email feature. This is available when you subscribe to iCloud + service. 

You can use the Hide My Email feature to generate unique, random email addresses that forward to your personal email account. It serves as a dummy but working email that you can use so that you don’t have to share your personal email address when filling out online forms and signing up for newsletters.

And that’s how to hide your IP address and prevent anyone from tracking your location or figuring out your other online activities like website sessions when using the Mail app on your new iPhone 14 smartphone.

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