Google to Fix Bug Which Gives iPhone Users Free Unlimited Photo Storage

It was recently discovered that Pixel 4 owners wouldn’t get free unlimited photo storage on Google Photos, while iPhone users continued to receive the benefit. Google has now acknowledged that this is a bug and will be fixed accordingly. This means iPhone users will no longer get unlimited photo storage in original quality on the platform.

For those unaware, iPhones can get unlimited photo storage on Google Photos because it uses the HEIC format to store images. Google Photos, in comparison, stores photos in compressed JPG. HEIC is more efficient and barely takes any space on your storage, hence tricking Google Photos into offering unlimited storage on iPhones.

It is unclear how Google plans to fix this, but any benefits that iPhone owners are currently reaping with regards to original quality photo uploads are short-lived. Speaking to Android Police, a Google spokesperson reportedly said: “We are aware of this bug and are working to fix it.”

One likely scenario is that Google Photos could automatically convert HEIC photos into compressed JPEG to make sure it matches with the rest of the uploads on the platform. Since Google hasn’t specified how a fix will arrive, it’s hard to tell what could happen.

Since this is reportedly a “bug”, we’re guessing Google will shortly issue an update to the iPhone app with the necessary changes. Do you use Google Photos on your iPhone? What do you make of this new development?

Source: Reddit

Via: Android Police