Google Announces Paying $80 Billion to Android Developers to Date; Apple Has Paid Almost Twice That Amount so Far

Senior VP at Google, Hiroshi Lockheimer took to Twitter earlier citing Sundar Pichai’s announcement that Google has paid Android developers around the world a total of $80 billion so far, while Lockheimer thanked the developer ecosystem developers that made this possible. However, Google’s payment figures don’t include the money it has generated from China.

What’s strange, however, is that these figures are nothing to write home about, especially in comparison to Apple’s iOS. The App Store has been around for a year longer than the Play Store (known as Android Market), but the developer payments Apple made as of January 2020 was reported to be $155 billion. This shows the gulf between Apple and Android while explaining why it’s more lucrative for developers to build iOS apps over Android apps.

As of September 2019, Apple reportedly had around 1.5 billion iOS devices in operation while over 2.5 billion Android devices were said to be active at the time. So it’s clear that market share alone doesn’t determine the money a developer makes in the highly competitive mobile space.

It’s important to point out that Apple touched the $70 billion developer payments mark in 2017, so the payments have more than doubled in three years.

Apple is expected to have seen a decent surge in sales over the holiday season while there’s no clear information on the response it has received for its subscription-based streaming service, Apple TV+.

The company offers a free one-year subscription of Apple TV+ for new iPhone and iPad customers since September 2019. All you have to do to redeem the offer is sign-in using your Apple ID on the new device and open the Apple TV app. Additional details can be found on Apple’s page.

Source: @lockheimer

Via: Cult of Mac