Galaxy S4 Rumored to Appear By Summer 2013


Galaxy S4 to arrive in April 2013It is that time of year again when the rumors heat up regarding the top electronics items over which consumers will drool. January is a perfect month to create hype and spread rumors about the latest gadgets to hit the consumer market. Samsung’s Galaxy S3 came out around the time that Google’s Nexus 7 tablet hit the market last summer; now, the Galaxy S4 is rumored to appear this year by summer 2013 – and could provide some juicy competition for Apple’s gadget lineup.

The Galaxy S4 is claimed by tech experts and news sites to sport a 4.99 or 5.0-inch super AMOLED display, the same display that its older brother, the Galaxy S3, is said to sport. The height of the display, however, will be a little taller than the Galaxy S3. Samsung is making a smart move with this phone; not only is the Galaxy S3 the hottest-selling smartphone of 2012, it is also the flagship phone of Samsung Electronics. Since market analysts predict that 5.0-inch displays will be the selling dimension of smartphone screens this year, Samsung has decided to go along for the ride. Other dimensions include a 1920 x 1080 screen resolution (full HD), 2Ghz Exynos Processor (quad-core), and a 13-megapixel camera. The screen resolution of the Galaxy S4’s screen resolution is much more improved than that of the Galaxy S3 (1280 x 720), indicating that you will get more of the HD screen resolution than you will in the Galaxy S3. The megapixel camera is also improved, containing 13 megapixels instead of the 8-megapixels you find on the Galaxy S3. Additional megapixels leads to increased depth and clarity of smartphone photos.

To add to its impressive specs, the new Galaxy S4 will come loaded with Android 5.0 (Key Lime Pie), the new OS that will replace Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean). Some have said that the new smartphones could see a bendable display, but this has yet to be confirmed by Samsung. The increased specifications on the S4 are expected; consumers want better specs in the next-generation Galaxy S smartphone.

While consumers anticipate the arrival of the Galaxy S4, which could be as early as April 2013, Samsung need not wait for its newest Galaxy smartphone to rejoice. Samsung recently reported its earnings in Q4 2012, and the Korean-based manufacturer slid past Apple in its earnings, having made a cool $8.3 billion in the last quarter versus Apple’s $8.2 billion. Tech analysts have said in days past that Samsung will move past Apple this year in its sales, gaining 35% more of the tech market than it had in 2012. Samsung’s strategy of producing phones for every consumer level is forcing Apple’s hand in the production of its new iPhone. Sources say that Apple will produce a lower-priced smartphone this year for other countries, a smartphone that may include the same specs as the soon-to-be iPhone 5S (or iPhone 6) or recycled parts from previous iPhone models. The new, lower-end smartphone could sell for as low as $200 unsubsidized.

At the end of December 2012, Samsung announced that its business would split into two companies, Samsung Electronics and Samsung Displays. Samsung Displays has been said to show off its flexible displays for future smartphones at International CES this week. Samsung had its press conference yesterday, announcing the production of its 85-inch 4K (or Ultra HD) television sets. Samsung looks to become the top appliance manufacturer in the world in 2013 – manufacturing washers, dryers, ovens, and other kitchen and home appliances.