How to Freeze Location on Find My iPhone

This post will walk you through hiding your exact location when using Find My iPhone on an iPhone running on the latest iOS version. Here’s a quick guide to freeze location on Find My iPhone or Find My app.

Freeze Location On Find My iPhone?

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Doesn’t want your location to be visible on Find My iPhone but doesn’t want to turn the app completely off? If that is so, then you can just fake or freeze your location on Find My iPhone.

Freezing Location on Find My

There are many instances where you might find the need to freeze or fake your iPhone’s current location.

While there is no inbuilt iOS application that can really freeze your iPhone location, you can configure some built-in settings to stop sharing your iPhone’s current location.

Freezing location on Find My iPhone can be carried out in different ways. You can do so by turning off your location completely or keep your location on but make the app say your current location is not known. 

When you freeze your Find My iPhone location, the Find My app will not update and therefore, your exact location will be unknown or not found.

If you’re new to iOS and need some input on how to freeze your location on the Find My iPhone or Find My app, you can refer to the outlined instructions as follows.

Different Ways to Freeze Location on Find My iPhone

While there is no native iOS app that’s mainly designed to freeze the iPhone’s location, there are some relevant settings that you can configure and manage to stop location sharing on your device.

If you want to make sure that no one else will know or see your current location, just disable the location services on your iPhone. Doing so will stop your device from sharing your location with apps and online services including the Find My (Find My iPhone) application, even just temporarily.

Just follow these steps whenever you’re all set to configure the location settings on your iPhone:

Step 1: Launch the iOS Settings menu to begin. Just find the Gear/Settings icon from the Home screen or Apps Library and then tap on it to launch the app.
Step 2: In the settings menu, scroll to find and then tap Privacy. Doing so opens another screen with relevant options and features.
Step 3: To continue, tap Location Services then toggle to turn the Location services switch OFF.

Step 4: Read the pop-up message then tap Turn Off to confirm.

That should disable Location services on your iPhone and thereby stops apps including Maps from using your location.

Some features may not work as intended with having access to your location, so this is just deemed a temporary solution.

Stop Sharing Location in the Find My app

Performing the following steps will stop your iOS device from sharing your current location in the Find My application.

Step 1: Launch the iOS settings menu.
Step 2: From the Settings app menu, scroll to find and then tap Privacy.
Step 3: Tap Location Services on the following menu to proceed.
Step 4: On the next screen, tap Share My Location then toggle to turn the Share My Location switch OFF.

There is also an option for you to temporarily disable (turn off) the Find My iPhone app if you suspect that someone may have access to your Apple ID.

You will be asked to enter your Apple ID password in order to turn off Find My iPhone so better get this information ready by then.

Stop Sharing Find My Location only with a Certain Person

If you want to keep your location visible in the Find My app except for a particular person, you can configure the Find My settings to set exceptions for a certain individual.

Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1: Launch the Find My app.

Step 2: Navigate to the People tab.

Step 3: Choose the person that you don’t want to see or know your current location in Find My app.

Step 4: On the succeeding menu, tap Stop Sharing My Location.

That person won’t be getting any notification that you stop sharing your location with him/her in Find My but won’t be able to see you on his/her friends list.

To re-enable location sharing, just turn off the Stop Sharing My Location switch. Doing so will notify that person that you’ve started sharing your location with him/here.

Another tweak is to put your iPhone in Airplane Mode. All wireless features and services are disabled when Airplane mode is enabled so Find My iPhone won’t be able to update and work as intended. As a result, your current location on the Find My iPhone is paused.

Aside from the in-built settings, you can also use some third-party applications to freeze your location on your iPhone. Just be sure to use a credible app so as not to jeopardize your privacy and security.

Tagged among the trusty apps for this purpose include Dr. Fone – Virtual Location for iOS, iMyFone AnyTo, iTools and 3uTools, to name a few.

These apps can be downloaded and installed on your device for free or via a one-time fee.

And that’s how you freeze location on Find My iPhone.

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