How To Fix An Apple iPhone 14 Keeps Losing Signal

Signal and network related issues are common even in Apple devices. It’s because there are a lot of factors that can contribute to the problem and in most cases, the problem isn’t really with your iPhone but with the devices or equipment it’s getting signal from.

Signal problems can be fixed by doing basic troubleshooting procedures, although in some cases, you might have to do more than just a reboot to make the device work perfectly again. 

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All you need is a little time to troubleshoot your phone and you should be able to enjoy it again in no time. So if you’re one of the iPhone 14 owners that’s bugged by this problem, here are the things you should do:

  1. First solution: Make sure it’s not an issue with the area you’re in. 

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    When it comes to calling and texting services, a good signal reception is required for you to be able to send and receive them. So when you notice that your iPhone keeps losing signal, it can be because you’re in an area where there is poor reception. 

    In such a case, you really don’t have to do anything with your phone as you already know there’s no problem with it. Moving to an area with better reception is the best thing to do, or installing a signal booster (if it’s your home that’s having some signal issues) may remedy the problem. 

    However, if you’re pretty sure that it’s not due to the area, then you have to do something with your device. Move on to the next solution. 

  2. Second solution: Force restart your iPhone. 

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    The next thing you have to do if you’re pretty sure that the problem isn’t with the signal reception is to force restart your device. It is a simulated battery removal that will refresh your device’s memory and reload all the core services including wireless network services. 

    This might be the only thing you need to do to fix a problem like this. So here’s how you force restart your iPhone 14: 

    1. Quickly press and release the Volume Up button, and then do the same to the Volume Down button. 
    2. Immediately after releasing the volume down, press and hold the Power key for 8 seconds. Doing so will trigger your iPhone to shut down and power back up. 
    3. Release the Power key once the Apple logo shows on the screen. 

    Once your device has restarted, try to see if it still loses signal because if so, then move on to the next solution.

  3. Third solution: Reset the network settings. 

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    One of the most effective solutions in fixing network-related issues is by resetting the wireless services and that’s what you need to do next. In doing so, you will bring all the network configuration of your iPhone to their default values and that could be enough to fix the signal issues with your device. 

    1. To do that, launch the Settings app.
    2. Scroll down a bit and tap General. 
    3. Scroll down again and touch Transfer or Reset iPhone. 
    4. Tap Reset to view the options. 
    5. Select Reset Network Settings and enter your passcode if prompted. 
    6. Tap Reset Network Settings at the bottom of the screen and the reset will begin. 

    In most cases, this procedure will be enough to fix this problem so try to see if your iPhone 14 is now working properly because if the issue continues, maybe the problem isn’t with your iPhone but with your account or the network. 

  4. Fourth solution: Call your service provider. 

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    For issues with signal and services, there’s no other person that can help you better than your service provider. They have access to your account as well as the status of the network where your iPhone is connected with. 

    Thus the next thing you have to do if the problem continues to bug you is to call the tech support hotline, report your problem and inquire about the status of your account as well as of the network. 

    Account issues are often due to unsettled bills, which you can do something about, while network problems can often be fixed in an hour or two. 

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For sure, your service provider will be able to help you with this issue. So take a little time contacting them. 

We hope this guide can help. 

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