Find the Nearest iPhone Screen Repair Shop Near Me

Those old Nokia mobile phones had one massive advantage over modern smartphones: you could drop them, abuse them, stomp on them, and even use them as a hammer and they would still look like new, perhaps with a minor scratch or two. If only could the same be said about our beloved iPhones.

For all their technical and engineering finesse, durability isn’t iPhone’s strongest point, especially if you don’t want to ruin the sleek appearance of your cutting-edge device with a bulky case.

So, when the worst happens, your iPhone slips out of your hand hits the concrete ground below with a thud that would make your heart stop for a moment. That state-of-the-art retina display with absurdly high pixel density and life-like color accuracy often turns into a shattered, kaleidoscope-resembling mess.

And even though modern smartphones aren’t renowned for their excellent serviceability, screen repair and replacement is not only common but also relatively affordable. The tricky part is choosing the right iPhone screen repair shop or services in your local area.

Before You Send Your iPhone for Repair

We understand that certain kinds of screen damage can be so severe that it makes your iPhone completely unusable. In that case, you’ll have to bite the bullet and send it for repair as it is. However, if you still can use your iPhone despite the shattered display, make sure to back up everything you can to Finder or iCloud. You can even back up a lot of content to Google Drive if you need or want to.

Even Apple technicians or skilled local repair shop workers can, and sometimes do, make mistakes that could render your iPhone unusable. This makes it impossible to get to your pictures, videos, contact information, personal notes, voice recordings, text messages, and just about anything else you likely depend on both in your personal and professional life.

Apple Store

Having your iPhone repaired at your local Apple Store by one of Apple’s Geniuses at the Genius Bar can be one of the best customer service experiences of your lifetime.

If you own one of the newest iPhones available, have never sent it to a third-party store for repair, and stayed clear of DIY modifications, Apple will gladly help you repair your broken device, and they’ll even give it back to you the same day. Of course, you get original parts and retain your warranty coverage for future repairs.

But if your iPhone is one foot in a retirement home, there’s a good chance that Apple classifies it as a legacy or vintage device. In that case, a third-party repair service is often your best bet.

To save yourself some time, you can make a Genius Bar appointment online. Head over to the official website of Genius Bar and click on the “Get software help” button.

Choose the product and the problem that best matches what you need help with and select the “Bring in for Repair” option. After signing in with your Apple ID, you’ll be able to pick the nearest Apple Store and schedule an appointment with a Genius.


iCracked is a modern iPhone repair service that makes a cracked screen, broken home button, faulty charging port, or a dying battery not nearly as bad as these issues sound. You can schedule an appointment with an iCracked technician at your home, office, or even your local coffee shop, and he or she will be there in no time.

In most cases, you’ll walk away with a fully functioning iPhone in less than 45 minutes—just enough time to enjoy a good latte and a delicious cupcake.

All iCracked technicians have undergone an extensive training program, multiple interviews, and background checks. In other words, you won’t be dealing with just about any Joe, Nobody who wants to earn a few bucks on the side.

Every iTech, as iCracked technicians are known as, comes fully equipped with all the tools he or she will need for the job. This includes an extensive assortment of original parts, so even if you’ve misdiagnosed the problem yourself, your iTech technical should still be able to solve it right on the spot, without any further delays.

Local Phone Repair Shops

Yelp is a fantastic place where you can quickly find a local iPhone repair shops with stellar reviews and great prices. You can either search directly on Yelp or type something like “yelp iPhone repair [your city]” into Google. For example, if you live in Manhattan, search for “iPhone screen repair NYC,” and you will find tons of options.

These days, just about any mall has at least one iPhone repair kiosk of varying quality, which is why Yelp is so helpful. It takes only a few minutes to select a handful of best-rated iPhone repair places around you, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars, depending on the extent of the repair.

DIY with an Inexpensive Repair Kit

If you’re feeling adventurous and know you’re skilled enough to repair the broken screen yourself, by far, the most affordable option is to order an iPhone screen repair kit online—perhaps one of these. You’ll also need some specialized tools.

This inexpensive toolkit has everything you need, including three screwdrivers, two plastic pry openers, two triangle pry openers, and one suction cup to lift the screen without causing any damage. Another tool that may come in handy is a hair drier or a specialized heat gun.

After receiving the items, head over to and find the right repair guide for your device. For example, there are currently five replacement guides for the iPhone 7 Plus, showing you how to replace the battery, display, touch sensor and home button, taptic engine, and pentalobe screws. If you can’t find what you are looking for on ifixit, YouTube is here to help.

But beware: not all instructional videos on YouTube show all the steps that you’ll need to take, and most people who record these videos are complete amateurs, so some mistakes are to be expected. The video rating and the comments below it are usually good indicators of the content quality.


There are a lot of ways that you can find an iPhone repair shop near you, as you can see. The best way is usually to go straight to the Apple Store, as even if your phone is out of warranty, it costs around the same as an independent shop. Apple will always do it right as well and even warranties the parts.

Doing it through Apple also ensures that you’re getting a genuine part.