How to Enable Work Focus Smart Activation on iPhone 14

This post will walk you through activating an iOS feature that automatically applies a certain Focus at a certain time, location or when using a certain application on your iPhone. Here’s a quick guide to enable Work Focus Smart Activation on the new iPhone 14 device.

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Setting up Smart Activation for Work Focus or any other types of Focus mode on an iPhone is pretty straightforward. All it takes is a few steps to get to the Focus menu where you can access and manage any of the relevant features and options. And here’s how to get this done on the latest iPhones.

  1. 1. To begin, launch the iOS Settings app by tapping on the gear icon from the Home screen of your iPhone.

    enable work focus smart activation iphone14 1Alternatively, you can launch settings straight from the App library. Just swipe right from the Home screen then find Settings from the group of icons in the App library.

  2. 2. While in the main iOS settings menu, scroll to find then tap Focus.

    enable work focus smart activation iphone14 2Doing so opens the Focus menu with a list of all added Focus modes and relevant features like Do Not Disturb.

  3. 3. Tap Work from the given Focus modes to continue. The Work Focus menu opens next.

    enable work focus smart activation iphone14 3Note:If you don’t see Work from the Focus menu, it means that you haven’t set it up yet on your device. Should this be the case, you’ll need to set up Work Focus first by tapping on the Plus (+) icon on the top-rightmost corner. Then, follow the rest of the onscreen instructions prompted on the setup wizard to finish creating and adding Work Focus.If Work Focus is already added, proceed to the next step.

  4. 4. On the Work Focus menu, you’ll see different options that you can manage including Silence Notifications from certain people and apps, Customize Screens to set a Lock or Home screen page to enable to limit distractions, Focus Filters and more.

    enable work focus smart activation iphone14 4Beneath the section named Turn On Automatically, you will see Smart Activation. Tap Smart Activation to proceed.The Smart Activation menu opens next. Here, you will see the main toggle to turn the feature Off or On.

  5. 5. To activate Smart Activation for Work Focus, simply tap to turn on the Smart Activation switch. When the switch turns green, it means that the feature is already activated.

    enable work focus smart activation iphone14 5At this point, Work Focus will be automatically turned on at relevant times throughout the day based on certain indicators such as your current location, app usage and more.

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Adding New Schedule to Automate

You can also create or add a new schedule for your work focus. Simply tap the Add Schedule option beneath Smart Activation then follow the rest of the onscreen instructions to set your preferred time, location and application to use.

enable work focus smart activation iphone14 6

With Smart Activation, your iPhone will automatically enable particular Focus modes at a certain time of the day based on your app usage, location and other aspects.

You can use Smart Activation to create a custom Focus to automate a routine like studying and use a relevant app to complete the task.

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