How to Enable Sleep Screen in Focus on iPhone 14

This post will walk you through activating a health and wellness feature on the new iPhone 14 that helps you sleep and wake up on the desired schedule. Here’s a quick guide to enable sleep screen in Focus on the Apple iPhone 14 series.

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Time Needed : 5 minutes

With the iOS Focus and Health app, you can meet your sleep goals by adhering to a regular bedtime schedule and wake up time. You can set a separate schedule for weekdays and another for weekends. To lessen distractions before and during bedtime, activating Sleep Focus on your iPhone may come in handy. 

Depicted below is a step by step walkthrough on how to get all these things done on the new iPhone 14 device. Feel free to refer to this guide when needed.

  1. 1. To get started, navigate to the Home screen or Apps screen then tap the Settings icon to launch the Settings app. Just find the gear-shaped icon and then tap on it to open the app.

    enable sleep screen in focus iphone 14 1

    You can also access and trigger the Settings app icon from the quick settings panel of your phone. Either way will take you to the same menu with all system settings and inbuilt services.

  2. 2. While in the main settings menu, find then tap Focus.

    enable sleep screen in focus iphone 14 2

    The Focus app opens next. Here, you will see a list of all available Focus options.

  3. 3. Find Sleep from the given options then tap on it to proceed. The Sleep Focus menu opens next.

    enable sleep screen in focus iphone 14 2

    If Sleep is not listed among other options under Focus, it means that it's not yet set up on your iPhone. 
    To set it up, just tap the Plus (+) icon on the upper-right side of the screen then tap Sleep. Follow the rest of the onscreen prompts to finish setting up Sleep Focus on your device.

  4. 4. To continue, adjust the Sleep Focus settings according to your needs and preferences. To activate Sleep Screen, navigate to the Customize Screens section then tap Options.

    enable sleep screen in focus iphone 14 4

    On the succeeding window, you will see two main options including Sleep Screen and Show Time.

  5. 5. To enable Sleep Screen, simply tap to turn on the switch next to it.

    enable sleep screen in focus iphone 14 5

    When enabled, your iPhone’s lock screen is simplified to reduce distractions. If you want your iPhone to show the time during Sleep Focus, turn on the Show Time option.

  6. 6. If you want to change or add a new schedule, navigate to the Schedule section then tap Next Schedule.

    enable sleep screen in focus iphone 14 6

    Turn on the Schedule switch on the following screen then go to the Next Schedule or Full Schedule section.

  7. 7. Make necessary adjustments to your sleep schedule, particularly the bedtime and wake up time.

    enable sleep screen in focus iphone 14 7

    Just use the provided time scheduler to adjust or change the time.

  8. 8. Once you’re done making necessary changes, tap Done on the top-right corner to apply and save new changes to your sleep schedule.

    enable sleep screen in focus iphone 14 8

    Sleep Screen is now activated with the updated sleep schedule and Sleep Focus settings.

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Alternatively, you can use the Health app on your iPhone to edit your Sleep Schedule.

With a Sleep Focus, notifications and phone calls can be filtered or barred before and during bedtime. To ensure that you’ll wake up on time, Sleep Focus also allows you to set an alarm sound, a snooze option or a vibration. 

App filters and system filters can also be customized so that they’ll behave accordingly during Sleep Focus.

Notifications from certain apps and people can also be allowed when Sleep Screen is enabled during Sleep Focus.

No Longer Need Sleep Screen on your iPhone?

If you no longer need to use Sleep Focus, you can disable the feature at any time through the Health app. 

  • To do this, simply launch the Health app then tap Browse at the bottom right of the screen then tap Sleep. On the next screen, navigate to Your Schedule then tap Full Schedule & Options. Finally, turn off the switch next to Use Schedule for Sleep Focus.

This will not disable your sleep schedules but your iPhone’s Sleep Focus will no longer enable automatically. 

And that’s it!

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