How to Enable Content Restrictions on Apple iPhone 12

This post will help you enable content restrictions on the iPhone 12. Read on if you need help configuring your new iPhone to limit or restrict explicit content. 

iOS 14 Content and Privacy Restrictions

When it comes to content variety, the Internet has most of every niche. That said, both decent and explicit contents are present. The fact that online platforms are open to minors makes it necessary to set some limits. To address this concern, modern devices are programmed to allow users to set some restrictions. 

In iOS devices, you can use parental controls to set content and privacy restrictions. This feature can be activated through the settings menu.

When enabled, you can block or limit specific apps and features on your device and restrict the settings for explicit content, downloads and purchases. 

If you’re wondering how to activate this feature on the new iPhone 12, I’ve laid a quick walkthrough for you to follow.

Here’s how to set content and privacy restrictions on  your new iOS smartphone. 

Easy Steps to Enable Content Restrictions on the iPhone 12

Turning restrictions on is highly recommended if your child has access to your phone. Do the same to your child’s own iPhone or iPad, if he owns one.

The following steps are likewise applicable when enabling content restrictions on other iOS devices that are running the same software version with the iPhone 12. Actual screens and menu items however may vary between device models and service providers.

1. Whenever you’re all set, go to  your iPhone’s Home screen and locate then tap the Settings icon.

Doing so will launch the iOS settings menu, highlighting all the basic and advanced features you can use and manage.

2. Scroll down or up to view more items. Then, tap Screen Time.

The Screen Time menu will launch. Here, you will see all screen time activity with other relevant features and information.

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and then tap Content & Privacy Restrictions to proceed.

Another window opens, showing the list of all content and privacy restrictions.

4. To activate the feature, simply toggle to turn on the switch next to Content & Privacy Restrictions.

After enabling the switch, you can start setting restrictions to individual content.

5. Tap iTunes and App Store Purchases, to set restrictions for store purchases and downloads.

iTunes and App Store Purchases will then be denied unless the correct password is entered.

You can set a different restriction passcode instead of using the unlock passcode on your iPhone. 

iOS devices can also filter website content automatically and thereby limit access to adult content in the Safari browser and other apps on the phone.

6. You may also opt to Deny Installing and Deleting apps unless the correct password is entered.

Should you wish to configure your device to require a password for iTunes and App Store purchases, simply select Always Require under the Require Password option.

7. To restrict specific apps from running on your phone, tap Allowed apps and then toggle to turn off the switch next to the app that you’d like to apply restrictions to.

8. To restrict specific content, tap Content Restrictions and then select the content that you’d like to restrict. To do so, select Don’t Allow instead of Allow.

For example, tap App Clips and then select Don’t Allow on the next screen to restrict App Clips on your iPhone.

9. To restrict explicit language for Siri, tap Explicit Language under the SIRI and then choose Don’t Allow. This should prompt your phone to restrict SIRI from uttering explicit terms or languages.

Just do the same to other content that you’d like to limit or restrict.

10. You can even enable restrictions to the Game Center and restrict or limit multiplayer games if  you want. Just scroll down to the Game Center section and then set the Multiplayer Games to Don’t Allow or Allow with Friends Only.

And that’s how you enable content restrictions on your new iPhone 12.

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