How to Enable Bold Text on iPhone 13

This post will walk you through customizing the new iPhone’s graphical user interface (GUI) by making the screen text thicker and darker. If you’re an iPhone user with certain visual needs, read on to learn how to enable bold text on iPhone 13 in the iOS 15.4 platform.

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iOS 15 Bold Text Feature

Modern iOS devices are packed with a number of useful features that are schemed to address various needs of individual users. Most of these features are tagged under the iOS accessibility menu.

Tackled in this post is one of the accessibility features offered in the recently rolled out iPhone 13 series. It’s a display accommodations feature called bold text.

When enabled, this feature will make the phone display and text size bold and thereby easier for users to see.

If you have some sort of color blindness or other visual challenges, enabling this accessibility feature will make it easier for you to use your new iPhone. All you have to do is customize the display setting according to your preference.

In case you need some input on how to access and manage this feature on your iPhone 13, I’ve mapped out a step-by-step walkthrough that you can use as personal reference.

Just keep scrolling down to view more detailed instructions on how to adjust this iPad and iPhone font setting.

Steps to Enable Bold Text on iPhone 13

The following procedures are also applicable when customizing font size and activating bold fonts on the iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max and prior iPhone models running on the latest iOS version.

Actual screens and menu items may vary between device models and wireless service providers so there might be some slight differences on every device’s existing interface. Nonetheless, key features must be labeled with a relevant name.

Just follow these steps whenever you’re all set to configure your iPhone 13’s display and text settings.

Step 1: To get started, tap Settings from the Home screen to open the Settings app.
enable bold text iphone13 ios 15 settings
Step 2: While in the Settings app menu, find and then tap Accessibility. Another menu opens, with the built-in accessibility features in iOS 15.
enable bold text iphone13 ios 15 accessibility
Step 3: On the Accessibility menu, scroll down to the Vision section and then tap Display & Text size.
enable bold text iphone13 ios 15 dts 1

More relevant options will load up on the succeeding window.

Step 4: To activate site-wide text emphasis, toggle to turn the Bold Text switch ON.

enable bold text iphone13 ios 15 ON

The feature is enabled when the switch turns green. 

enable bold text iphone13 ios 15 btenabled

What happens when iPhone Bold Text is enabled?

With Bold Text enabled on your iPhone, more emphasis is made to the GUI text as it makes the font appear thicker and richer. In short, texts on the Home screen and other apps screens are displayed in boldface characters. As a result, font legibility is improved.

If you don’t like the output, just repeat the same steps to get back to the accessibility settings and disable the Bold Text feature. That should return the original/default GUI text appearance.

More Custom Text Display Options in iOS 15.4

Aside from bold fonts, you can also customize the iPhone’s font size to make it bigger or smaller accordingly.

To change font size on the iPhone 13, you will need to access the Text Size menu either through settings or through the Control Center. The text size shortcut icon in the control center is represented with the AA symbol with the first letter A smaller than the latter.

So here’s what you should do then:

  • Open control center from the Home screen or any screens. Then, drag the slider up or down to increase and reduce the text size according to your needs.

If you wish to alter the text size for all apps, simply tap the All Apps option located at the bottom of the display.

Other built-in accessibility settings in iOS 15 that you can customize according to your visual needs include larger text, button shapes, color filters, contrast, color filters, color reverse including smart invert and classic invert, to name some.

And that’s all about customizing display text on the Apple iPhone 13 by activating the iOS 15 Bold Text feature.

Please keep posted for more comprehensive iOS tutorials and troubleshooting guides on this site. Or you can check out this YouTube channel to view more comprehensive tutorial and troubleshooting videos including recent iOS devices.

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