How to Enable Ask Before Deleting Messages in Mail on iPhone 14

This post will walk you through configuring the iPhone 14 settings to make the device prompt a warning message before deleting Mail messages from the iOS trash permanently. Here’s a quick guide to enable Ask before deleting messages in Mail on the iPhone 14 series.

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Time Needed : 3 minutes

Are you sure you want to delete this message?” is one example of various confirmation messages that are designed to confirm critical actions that you are about to execute on your device. Such functionality is supported in most, if not all apps and system services in modern smartphones including the recently launched iPhone 14 variants.Depicted below is the actual process of activating this Mail app function on the new iPhone 14 smartphone. Feel free to refer to this guide when needed.

  1. First, launch the iOS Settings app by tapping on the Settings icon from the Home screen of your iPhone.

    iphone14 email deletion confirmation1You can also launch the Settings app by tapping on the gear icon from the App library. Either way will take you straight to the same settings menu of your phone.

  2. While in the settings menu, scroll to find then tap Mail.

    iphone14 email deletion confirmation2Doing so will let you access the Mail app settings with all the features it supports.

  3. Navigate to the Messages section.

    iphone14 email deletion confirmation3There, you will see three main options including Ask Before Deleting, Privacy Protection and Follow Up suggestions.

  4. To enable the feature, tap to turn the Ask Before Deleting switch ON.

    iphone14 email deletion confirmation4The feature is active when the switch turns green or highlighted. 

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Should you wish to see how this setting actually works on your iPhone 14, open the Mail app then navigate to your Trash folder. There, you will see all email messages that you’ve previously deleted before the 30-day mark.

Select any from the emails that you’d like to delete from trash permanently. After selecting and tapping the Delete control, you should see the confirmation prompt, asking you to choose between Delete or Cancel. By then, you can decide to proceed or cancel action.

How Does Mail Deletion Confirmation work?

The iOS Mail app allows you to delete or archive emails that you no longer need. Deleted emails can still be recovered before 30 days of staying inside the Trash folder. 

To free up storage, you can override the 30-day allowance and permanently delete old and unwanted emails from the trash folder at any time. All you have to do is access the Trash folder and find the emails that you’d like to delete. 

You can delete emails individually or simultaneously. All it requires is a single swipe gesture.

To prevent permanent deletion of an important email message that you’ve deleted from the inbox by accident, turning on the deletion confirmation in Mail is recommended.

The main purpose of this feature is to help you avoid permanent deletion of important emails on your iPhone by accident. In other words, this serves as an extra step of precaution prior to permanent deletion of emails from your trash folder.

You can always turn the feature OFF if you don’t think it’s necessary. Just repeat the same outlined steps to head back to the Mail apps settings where you can access the main toggle to disable the feature.

And that’s you make your iPhone 14 ask for a confirmation every time you attempt to delete an email message from your Mail app inbox.

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