How to Disable Automatic App Updates on Apple iPhone 12

This post shows how to disable automatic app updates on the iPhone 12. Read on if you need help stopping your apps from updating automatically.

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While keeping your apps up to date is recommended, allowing them to automatically install new updates may also trigger some issues on the device. This is possible given that some updates may contain bugs that could cause the app to glitch or misbehave. 

Among the widespread issues that are attributed to automatic app updates include rapid battery draining, random app crashes and sluggish performance.

If by any chance you will encounter any of the said symptoms on your new iPhone 12, turning off automatic app updates can be considered among the potential fixes.

If you’re new to the iOS platform and need some input on how to access and configure this setting on your new iPhone 12, I’ve laid out a simple guide for your references.

Here’s how to stop your iPhone 12 apps from downloading and installing new updates automatically.

Easy Steps to Disable Automatic App Updates on the iPhone 12

This method is likewise applicable to other iOS devices for as long as they’re running on the same iOS version with that of the iPhone 12. Actual screens and menu items may vary between device models and service providers.

1. When ready, go to  your iPhone’s Home screen and locate then tap the Settings icon.

Doing so will launch the iOS settings menu, highlighting all the basic and advanced features you can use and manage.

2. Scroll down or up to view more items. Then, tap on App Store to proceed.

The App Store menu will load up on the next display. Here, you will see relevant features and settings you can modify.

3. Under the Automatic Downloads section, you will see Apps and App Updates

4. To stop automatic app downloads, simply toggle to turn off the switch next to App Updates. Doing so disables automatic app updates download on the phone.

5. To stop automatic downloads using cellular data, make sure that the Automatic Downloads switch under Cellular Data is turned OFF.

Doing so will prevent the device from downloading apps and updates via cellular data or mobile data.

There is also an option for you to Offload Unused Apps. Enabling this feature will automatically remove unused apps while keeping all data. Reinstalling an offloaded app will likewise restore the data considering that the app is still available in the App Store.

What Happens If Automatic App Updates is Disabled?

With the automatic app updates feature disabled on your iPhone, you can manually update your apps through the App Store at any time you want. 

  • To do so, simply open the App Store and then tap Today at the bottom of the screen. Tap on your profile icon at the top of the screen and then scroll down to view all pending app updates and release notes.
  • To install individual updates, just tap the Update button next to the app. 
  • If multiple app updates are available, you can tap the Update All button instead. Doing so will trigger the device to update all apps at once.

After updating apps, reboot your iPhone to update and refresh the apps. This is also imperative to ensure that all new software changes are properly implemented on the recently updated apps.

Hope this helps!

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