How to Delete All Website Data on iPhone SE 3 Safari

This post will walk you through clearing all saved internet cookies and other browsing data from the 3rd generation iPhone Safari application. Here’s a quick guide to delete all website data on iPhone SE 3 based on the latest iOS interface.

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Safari Browsing Data

Website data consists of a diverse number of internet information, also known as cache. Every time you open the browser on your phone, your browsing activities including logins and online searches will be saved among other browser cache.

This information will be used by the browser itself whenever it needs to reload the same data or access the same account on the same portal, resulting in faster browsing experience.

Nonetheless, some of the browser cache may tend to become corrupted or broken. When this happens, there’s a tendency for other browsing information or the browser app itself to become adversely affected.

That’s when you will encounter unexpected browsing issues on your device.

If you’re using the stock Safari browser app on your iPhone SE 3 and wondering how to access its inbuilt command to clear or delete all website data it accumulates, feel free to refer to the outlined steps.

Steps to Delete All Website Data on iPhone SE 3 Safari Browser

The following steps are based on the updated interface of the iPhone SE 3rd generation. If you haven’t already, update your iPhone to iOS 16 so that all integral settings and menu options are accessible.

Once you’ve got everything set, you may go ahead and proceed with these steps:

Step 1: From the Home screen, tap Settings (Gear icon) to begin.
delete all website data iphone se3 SETTINGS
Step 2: In the iOS Settings app menu, scroll to find then tap Safari. The Safari settings menu will load up next.
delete all website data iphone se3 SAFARI
Step 3: Scroll down then tap Clear History and Website Data.

This link becomes clickable (enabled) when the browser has accumulated website data from your previous (most recent) internet browsing activities.

delete all website data iphone se3 HAWD
Step 4: Read the pop-up message at the bottom of the screen then tap Clear History and Data to confirm.
delete all website data iphone se3 CHARD

Your previous browsing history, cookies, and other browsing data will then be deleted. History will also be cleared from devices signed into your iCloud account.

Individually Deleting Website Data On iPhone

You can also delete browsing data individually. Just following these steps to do so:

Step 1: Head over to Settings-> Safari menu then scroll all the way down to the bottom of the screen and tap Advanced. 
delete all website data iphone se3 ADVANCED
Step 2: On the succeeding menu, tap Website Data. A list of all saved website data will load up on the next screen. 
delete all website data iphone se3 WD
Step 3: To view all browsed websites, tap Show All Sites.
delete all website data iphone se3 SAS
Step 4: To delete individual website data, tap Edit on the top-right corner of the Website Data screen to switch to edit mode.
delete all website data iphone se3 EDIT
Step 5: A minus sign inside a red circle will show up before each of the website data. Just tap on the minus sign next to the website name/address then tap Delete. 
delete all website data iphone se3 DELETE

Repeat the same steps to delete other website data from the list then tap Done on the top-right corner when finished deleting.

Step 6: Should you wish to delete all website data at once, scroll down to the bottom of the screen then tap Remove All Website Data.
delete all website data iphone se3 confirm
Step 7: Read the pop-up message at the bottom then tap Remove Now to confirm.

All website data including those that are used for tracking, website login information and other cached files will be deleted.

This process only affects the Safari browser cache. The rest of your iPhone data and other app’s data will not be affected and therefore remains intact afterwards.

When to delete data stored on iPhone Safari?

Deleting internet cookies, browsing history and website data is usually recommended whenever you experience browsing issues on your iPhone. Every browsing application (browser) has an in-built command to do this.

That said, if you’re experiencing slow internet speed, like when the Safari browser takes a long time to load up websites, removing all accumulated website data can be regarded as a potential solution. The same thing when having trouble loading up websites or logging into your accounts on different online platforms.

And that is how you delete all website data (clear browsing data) simultaneously and individually on the new Apple iPhone SE 3.

Please keep posted for more comprehensive iOS tutorials and troubleshooting guides on this site. Or you can check out this YouTube channel to view more comprehensive tutorial and troubleshooting videos including recent iOS devices.

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