How to Delete Albums on iPhone

This post will walk you through removing unused albums from the iOS 15.5 photos application. Here’s a quick guide to delete albums on iPhone devices running on the latest iOS version.

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iPhone Albums

If you own a smartphone with high-end camera specs, then you probably have hundreds if not thousands of images stored in your phone’s gallery. Unless you’ve organized your files in separate folders or directories, scrolling through multiple images and video files would be necessary. 

To make things a bit easier, you can make use of the inbuilt features to organize files including photos and videos on your device. 

If you own an iPhone, you can use the iPhone photo albums to organize photos and group them in separate albums accordingly.

Creating albums and managing albums on an iPhone is pretty simple. All you have to do is access the Photos app and use the integrated options based on what you’re trying to achieve.

delete albums on iphone se3 CREATE

Creating your own photo albums is a perfect way for organizing various collections of photos. This allows you to access and view your desired photo without having to scroll through others photos before it.

Photos from your created album can also be accessed from other multiple albums.

What are photo albums?

For starters, a photo album on an iPhone refers to a dedicated storage directory for a specific set of images that are saved within the Photos app. 

Every photo you’ve captured with your iPhone camera is automatically saved in the Recents album of the Photos app.

The number that shows beneath the Recents album represents the total number of images stored in it. If that number exceeds a thousand, then that already denotes the need for you to organize and segregate them accordingly.

Preset Albums in iOS 15.5

Newer iPhones do come with preset albums for different media types. These would include the Live Photos album for storing live photos, Portrait album for storing photos taken in portrait mode, Bursts album for photos captured in Burst mode, Selfies, Panoramas and more. You can also create your own personalized album if you’d like.

For albums that are no longer useful, deleting them is pretty simple as well. 

If you’re new to iOS devices and aren’t familiar with the iPhone interface, we’ve outlined the updated steps to delete albums from the iOS 15.5 Photos. Feel free to refer to this quick walkthrough when needed.  

Steps to Delete Albums on iPhone with iOS 15.5

New iPhones allow you to delete images from the Photos app individually or simultaneously. Individual image deletion is applicable when the number of photos to delete is not many, otherwise, go for simultaneous deletion. 

If the photos you’d like to delete are stored in a single album, deleting the album is a faster way to get the job done. Depicted below is the actual process of deleting an album on an iPhone.

Quick Notes:

The following steps are based on the interface of the new iPhone SE 3 but are also applicable when deleting albums on other iPhones that are running on the latest iOS version (iOS 15 or later).

Actual screens and menu options may vary between device models and carriers  so there might be some slight differences on every device’s user interface.

Just follow these steps whenever you’re all set to delete photo albums from your iPhone’s inbuilt Photos application.

Step 1: To get started, open the Photos app. The Photos icon is located at the Home screen of your iPhone. Just tap on it to launch the app.
delete albums on iphone se3 PHOTOS
Step 2: While in the main screen of Photos, tap Albums to view all  your saved Albums. If necessary, you can tap See All on the top-right corner of the My Albums screen to view all your albums.
delete albums on iphone se3 ALBUMS
Step 3: On the succeeding window, tap Edit on the top-right corner. Doing so will switch the albums menu to edit mode.
delete albums on iphone se3 EDIT
Step 4: Find and then tap the album(s) that you’d like to delete then tap the red minus sign on the top-left edge of the selected album(s).
delete albums on iphone se3 MINUS
Step 5: Finally, read the warning message and then tap Delete Album to confirm. The selected album(s) will then be removed from the My Albums menu.
delete albums on iphone se3 DA
Step 6: Once you’re done deleting albums, tap Done on the top-right corner of the screen to exit Edit mode and switch back to normal mode.
delete albums on iphone se3 DONE

And that’s how you declutter multiple unwanted images from the Photos storage on the 3rd generation special edition iPhone by deleting albums.

Please keep posted for more comprehensive iOS tutorials and troubleshooting guides on this site. Or you can check out this YouTube channel to view more comprehensive tutorial and troubleshooting videos including recent iOS devices.

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