How to Create Screen Recording on iPhone 13 | iOS 15 Screen Record

This post will walk you through activating and utilizing the built-in screen record feature on the new iPhone 13 smartphone. Read on to learn how to screen record or create screen recording on iPhone 13 and other iOS 15 devices.

iOS 15 Screen Recording Feature

New iOS devices including the recently released iPhone 13 series are preloaded with a stock screen recorder that lets you record the screen while doing something on your phone.

This feature is called the iOS screen recording or screen recorder.

In iOS 15 devices, the stock screen recorder can be activated straight from the Control Center.

If it doesn’t appear among other shortcut buttons on your iPhone 13 control center, then you will need to add it manually through settings.

With the stock iOS screen recording feature, you can make a video or short clip of what you’re watching or scrolling through on your iPhone. 

Screen recording feature usually comes in handy whenever you would want to save a clip of the game you’re playing, record a live stream, create a how-to video and send the video clip you record to a friend or relative, post or upload it to your social media accounts.

Depicted in this quick walkthrough is the actual process of adding and utilizing the iOS 15 screen recorder on the Control Center of the iPhone 13 device.

Easy Steps to Create Screen Recording on iPhone 13

The following steps will let you add the Screen Recording button to the Control Center and start recording your iPhone screen from there.

These steps are also applicable when activating and utilizing the preloaded screen recorder on other iPhone or iPad devices running on the same iOS version.

Actual screens and menu options may vary between device models and carriers so expect some slight differences on the display interface.


If the Screen recorder or Screen recording button is already present on the Control Center of your iPhone 13, then you can skip the first 3 steps and start at step 4. Otherwise, begin from the very first step to add the screen recorder to the Control Center before recording the screen.

Just refer to these subsequent steps whenever you’re all set to configure your device.
Step 1: Open the Settings app by tapping on the Settings icon from the Home screen.
Step 2: While on the Settings menu, tap Control Center.
Step 3: If you don’t see the Screen Recording control under the Included list, find and then tap the Add (+) button next to Screen Recording under the MORE CONTROLS section.
Doing so will add the Screen recording icon to the available shortcuts on the Control Center.
Step 4: After adding the Screen Recording control, open the Control Center on your iPhone. Just swipe down from the top-right corner of your iPhone’s Home or Lock screen.
Step 5: While on the Control Center, find the Gray Screen Record button and then tap on it to start recording the screen without activating the microphone.
If you prefer, you can enable the Microphone to include Audio in the recording. Just touch and hold the Screen record button and then tap Microphone. Otherwise, skip to the next step to start screen recording.
Step 6:  Wait for the countdown timer to finish and by then the Screen Record button turns red and the timer instigates.

A red icon with the timer inside located on the top-left corner of the screen (status bar) serves as an indication that the screen is currently recording.

A countdown timer will appear shortly after you tapped the Screen Recorder button on the control center. By then you should be all set to go to the app or screen that you want to record. Whatever is on your iPhone’s display will be recorded and saved.

To stop the screen recording, simply tap the red Record button on the status bar and then tap Stop.

Access and Manage Screen Recordings on iPhone 13?

All screen recordings captured through the built-in screen recorder are automatically saved in the Photos app on your iPhone 13.

To access and manage your screen recording, just open the Photos app and find the screen recording from the list of files in it.

The Photos app allows you to view, edit, crop and share screen recording video and other video files through other iOS apps such as Messages or Mail. You can also post your screen recording to your favorite social media platform.

Screen Recording Is Not Working?

If you’re having trouble using the screen recorder, like when it doesn’t record or work as intended, just do a soft reset or restart your iPhone to clear out minor firmware issues that might have caused conflicts with the iOS 15 screen recorder app.

Alternatively, you can use some third-party screen recording app that’s compatible with your iOS device. Just download and install your preferred app via App Store, if necessary.

And that’s how you screen record on iPhone 13 using the preloaded screen record feature in iOS 15.

Please keep posted for more comprehensive iOS tutorials and troubleshooting guides on this site.

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