How to Create Screen Recording on Apple iPhone 12 | iOS 14 Screen Record

This post will help you screen recording on the iPhone 12. Read on if you need help using the built-in iOS 14 screen recording feature to record certain onscreen activities or procedures on the new iPhone.

iOS 14 Screen Recording

Screen recording is among the essential built-in features of modern smartphones. Essential in the sense that you can just hit an icon to record your screen, should you have a hard time explicating certain actions or procedures using your smartphone.

This feature is often used for live demo or on-screen tutorials. 

In iOS devices, screen recording is also among the integrated features that allows you to directly record the screen of your iPhone or iPad.

A shortcut icon for the screen recording feature is typically present in the Control Center on an iOS device unless it’s disabled in settings.

In case you’re wondering how to activate the integrated screen recording feature on your new iPhone 12, I’ve laid out a quick demo for your reference.

Here’s how to create a screen recording on the recently rolled out iPhone 12 handset.

Easy Steps to Screen Record on your iPhone 12

The following steps will instigate screen recording on the iPhone 12 and other iOS devices that have the same iOS version. Actual screens and menu items however could vary between device models.

1. To get started, check your iPhone settings and ensure that screen recording is added among other shortcut icons in the Control Center.

To do this, tap the Settings icon from the Home screen.

Basic and advanced iOS settings will load up on the next screen.

2. Scroll down or up to view more items. Then, tap Control Center.

The Control Center menu opens. Here, you will see a list of all included controls and more controls you can add.

3. Make sure that Screen Recording is listed under the Included Controls. Otherwise, find it from the More Controls section and then tap the Plus sign before it to add its shortcut to the Control Center.

4. After adding a shortcut control, go back to the Home screen and then swipe down to launch and access the control center.

The main panel with the main shortcut controls loads up next.

5. To start recording, tap the screen recording icon.

Doing so will instigate the three-second countdown. After the countdown, the record icon turns red.

That denotes that screen recording is now starting. The screen recording icon status will show up on the upper-left corner of the display.

By then, you can start doing the stuff that you’d like to record.

6. When you’re finished recording, tap the Stop Recording icon or the red status bar at the top of the screen and then tap Stop from the Screen recording pop-up to confirm that you’d like to end the screen recording now.

A notification saying that your Screen recording video is saved to Photos will appear on top of the display.

7. To open and edit your recording, just open the Photos app and then select the saved screen recording from your albums. It’s usually stored in the Recents folder.

You can use the built-in iOS 14 photos command to edit your screen recording video, if needed.

And that’s all about creating a screen recording on an iPhone 12. 

Should you bump into some issues and couldn’t get screen recording to work properly on your iPhone, carrying out some basic workarounds is recommended.

Among the potential solutions you can try if screen recording doesn’t work on  your iPhone 12 include a force close on relevant apps including those that are running in the background and a soft reset on the iPhone 12 to clear out minor software glitches that might have caused the screen recording system to fail or stop working as intended. 

If the problem continues after performing the first two procedures, installing available updates on your iPhone can be deemed the next potential solution you can try on. And if that doesn’t do any good, settings resets can be considered among the last resort.

Hope this helps!

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