How to Change or Set Default Notes Account on iPhone 13

This post will walk you through setting the default account for the iOS 15 Notes app. Here’s a quick guide on how to change or set default Notes account on iPhone 13 and other iPhone models with iOS 15 or later version.

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iOS 15 Notes App Storage

If Samsung devices have native Samsung Notes, Apple devices including the latest iPhone 13 lineups also have their very own Notes app that allows users to create text notes that can be saved and sent through email.

The Notes app is lined up among other stock apps on the iPhone hHome screen.

Tapping on this app will launch a rich-text editor where you can create a note using the virtual iOS keyboard. After a note is saved, you can read the preceding or next note by tapping left or right. 

Tapping the letter icon at the bottom of the notes screen will allow you to email the saved note through the stock Mail app on the phone.

Now that you’ve already got a quick hint on how the Notes app works on your iPhone, we’ll proceed on setting a dedicated account to be used as the main or default accounts for all quick notes you created through the iOS Notes app.

By default, the Notes app uses your iCloud account and thus the default account location is likewise set to iCloud. This means that all notes you created through the app will be saved or stored on your iCloud account.

Although setting iCloud as the default account for Notes offers numerous benefits especially in terms of file accessibility through cloud, over a period of time, the notes can get piled up in iCloud. When that happens, the storage capacity becomes full eventually.

To free up space on your iCloud storage, it’s either you’ll upgrade your iCloud subscription or change the default Notes account location on the iPhone.

The outlined steps below depict the actual process of altering the default accounts for the iPhone 13 Notes app.

Feel free to refer to this quick guide when needed.

Steps to Change/Set Default Notes Account for iPhone 13

The process of altering the default accounts for Notes on an iPhone may vary depending on the operating system.

And here’s how it’s done on the iOS 15 and later version.
Step 1: From the Home screen, tap Settings to launch the iOS settings menu.
set default account for iphone13 notes SETTINGS
Step 2: While in the main Settings menu, find and then tap Notes. 
set default account for iphone13 notes NOTES
Step 3: From the Notes app settings menu, find On My iPhone Account and toggle to turn on the switch next to it. If it’s already enabled, skip to the next step.
set default account for iphone13 notes OMI
Step 4: After enabling the On My iPhone account switch, tap Default Account from the Accounts section.
set default account for iphone13 notes DA
Step 5: On the succeeding menu, you will see that iCloud is marked and set as the default account for Notes. To change this, simply tap to mark On My iPhone.
set default account for iphone13 notes SELECT

The default Notes account is now changed and set. With this selection, all your next new notes will be saved locally on your iPhone storage.

To check and see if it works, create a new note, save it then verify and confirm the storage location.

Setting the default Notes storage location from iCloud to iPhone may benefit in terms of optimizing storage but the main downside is that moving notes from iCloud to iPhone with this setting will stop you from sharing and syncing Notes with other iOS users.

Switching back to iCloud account for iPhone Notes

If you’ve already upgraded your iCloud subscription and increased storage for your iCloud account, you can always switch back to the default selection which is iCloud.

Just repeat the same steps to access the Notes app settings menu where you can change and set the default storage account for your notes.

Syncing iPhone Notes between Apple Devices

The Notes app offers a faster and easier way for iPhone users to jot down important quick notes, routines, appointments and schedule, ideas and more. Multiple accounts can be set up in the Notes app on the same iOS device.

To sync multiple Notes across all your Apple devices through iCloud and other accounts like Gmail, simply head over to your iPhone Settings-> Accounts & Passwords menu and then select the account that you’d like to enable and sync Notes with.

You can also set a password to a confidential note to prevent any unauthorized access especially when you let others use your device.

set default account for iphone13 notes PASSWORD

To do this, just go to Settings-> Notes-> Password menu and then follow the onscreen instructions to enter and verify new password.

Don’t forget to take note of your password because you will need to enter every time you access the secured notes in the app.

And that’s all about altering the default account for Notes on the Apple iPhone 13 series and other devices running on the iOS 15.4.1 version.

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