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How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

One of the usual things done when switching from an Android phone to an iPhone is to move important files including contacts information. Transferring contacts from Android to iPhone can be done in many different ways including the ones enumerated below. Feel free to refer to this guide whenever you need some clues on syncing,

How to Add Airplay to Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV is an Android-based device. The Android version that the TV uses is known as Fire OS, a variant of Android designed by Amazon specifically optimized for their devices. One drawback of this separate operating system is the limitations imposed on the software. Apple users who want to add AirPlay to their Amazon

Do AirPods Work With Android

So you’ve tried a ton of different wireless headphones with your Android device, but you’re just not finding one that works the way you want it too. Or, maybe you’re just not finding the sound quality that you want out of a pair of headphones. Suffice to say, you’ve heard that Apple’s AirPods are actually

How To Connect AirPods To MacBook

4K iMac

If you’re looking for new ways to use your Apple AirPods, you’ve come to the right place. You already — presumably — know how to connect them up to your iPhone, and we’ve shown you how easy is to make them with your Android smartphone as well. However, what about the MacBook? Or MacBook Air?

How to create a new Apple ID

If you own an Apple device, having an Apple ID is a requisite. An Apple ID serves a primary key for you to access various Apple services including iCloud, iTunes Store, Apple Books, Apple TV App, Apple Podcasts, Apple Music or the App Store. The Apple ID comprises of the email address and password you

How To Add Someone To Group Text On iPhone

The iPhone is one of the most advanced communication tool available in the market today. It has several amazing features that makes communicating with your friends and family very easy. One feature of this phone that people constantly use is text messaging. Just open the Messages app, type in your message, then send it to

How To Delete Multiple Contacts On iPhone

We’re adding new people to our Contacts in the iPhone all the time. Whether we meet new friends, or make a business connection, that person’s contact information almost always goes into the Contacts section of the Phone app. And generally, this contact information is almost never removed. That can clutter up your Contacts list pretty

How to block a number on your iPhone

This post will walk you through blocking a phone number on your iPhone running iOS 12. If you keep getting nuisance calls or text messages from an unknown number then this post will help you put an end to it. The following steps can be applied to any iPhone that runs on the iOS 12