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7 Best iPhone External Batteries in 2019

If you’ve ever been out and about or on a trip, only to find out that your phone is on the verge of dying, you know just how stressful it can be to not have instant access to your charging cord and an electrical outlet. That’s why today, we’re sharing with you some alternate ways

New Beats Pill+ speakers with a Lightning port launched for $229

Apple Beats Pill+

#Beats (owned by #Apple) has just released the Beats Pill+ Bluetooth speakers carrying a price tag of $229. Although it’s quite identical to the now discontinued Beats XL, the Beats Pill+ is slightly larger and has a flatter design. The device has two woofers, so you can expect excellent audio output from these speakers. What’s interesting here

Apple to launch new 21.5 inch iMac with 4K display next week: Rumor

4K iMac

While #Apple has already released the 5K resolution 27 inch iMac, a new report talks about the company launching a 21.5 inch iMac with a 4K display. It is said that this device will be launched as soon as next week, although we’re yet to get official confirmation from Apple. This 21.5 inch 4K iMac

Reserve Strap juice pack for the Apple Watch to ship in November

Reserve Strap - Apple Watch

So you’ve got yourself an Apple Watch recently and find yourself charging the device before the end of the day. Well, this is easily one of the most frequently heard complaints regarding Apple’s new wearable. This is where something like the Reserve Strap chimes in with its additional battery pack for the Apple Watch. The

5 Ways Students Can Secure Their Smartphone

Students will find that a smartphone is one of the most indispensable tools that they could own. It’s one of the things that must never be left when going out of the house. Aside from allowing them to easily communicate with classmates, friends, and family, a smartphone can do a whole lot more such as

Google Introduces $1000 Project Tango Tablet Dev Kit

We already know that Google is working on Project Tango, a mobile device that comes with advanced sensors capable of creating a 3D map of its surroundings. In fact, the company has already previously the Tango developer kit for smartphones early this year. Today, the search giant has announced a new developer kit that’s coming

eBay Advises Users To Change Passwords After Recent Database Hack

Do you regularly buy or sell stuff over at eBay? If so then now is the right time to change your password as a recent database hack may have exposed your personal information to hackers. The company has advised its 145 million registered users to change their passwords despite the fact that the information illegally

Startup Company Aims To Bring Wireless Electricity To Appliances

Wireless electricity is not a new concept as this was demonstrated over 100 years ago by Nikola Tesla.  While this may seem like a solution to the problem of unsightly wires its commercial application is still not feasible. One startup company aims to change this by aiming to make wireless electricity accessible to all. WiTricity

Samsung Galaxy S5 Arriving On U.S. Carriers This April

Samsung recently unveiled its latest flagship smartphone at the Mobile World Congress which is being held right now at Barcelona, Spain. The Samsung Galaxy S5 will be the successor to the Galaxy S4 and will come with improved specs and new features. The company announced that the Galaxy S5 will be arriving in the U.S.