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How To Fix iTunes Sync Error

One of the things that almost every iPhone and iTunes owner does is syncs their device or devices with iTunes. This helps make sure you have all of the proper media on your phone, helps you get rid of duplicates, and even keeps a backup of your phone on your PC. That said, iTunes can

Best VLC Alternative To Download And Play Videos

VLC is a well known program that you can use for playing videos. It supports tons of file formats and video codecs that you wouldn’t normally find on any default video playing program; however, as open source software, it isn’t always the best looking, nor does it function seamlessly. It can sometimes take a little

How To Transfer Music From Computer To iPhone

So, you’ve got an iPhone, but all of the music that you want on the device is on your computer. If you’re not familiar with the iPhone, or even familiar with how iTunes works — as well as all of the recent changes to both — it may be a little difficult to figure out

6 Best GoPro Video Editor For Mac In 2020

GoPro cameras — and similar Action Cameras — are a lot of fun because you can capture footage that would otherwise break a normal DSLR camera or smartphone. You can capture unique trail shots, and even catch some sweet water tricks with the GoPro. However, creating a video with GoPro footage isn’t always easy when