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5 Best Paid Games for iPhone 2019

Are you tired of reading articles that present the author’s opinion as facts? Do you want to know what the top 5 best paid games for iPhone in 2017 really are? This isn’t just another cookie-cutter “top X” article.  We picked out our choice of the top games from the top downloaded games currently in

7 Best Chess App for iPhone in 2019

What started in the 7th century India has eventually become the most popular board game in the world. With its relatively simple rules, yet seemingly infinitely complex tactics, chess attracts players of all age groups. After all, the current chess grandmaster and the current World Chess Champion, Magnus Carlsen, is still in his twenties, earning

7 Best iPhone Adventure Games in 2019

While the point-and-click genre of adventure games will probably never be as popular as it was in the 90s, adventure games, in general, are seeing a renaissance. The App Store is full of remastered classics as well as new-school adventure games that experiment with different forms of story-telling, taking advantage of the Internet and touch-screen

7 Best Offline iPhone Games in 2019

The winter is coming, which means that the nights are getting longer, the air is growing colder, and the mornings are becoming increasingly more unbearable, at least for those of us living in the northern hemisphere. Why suffer through the winter season bored, when technology allows us to have so much fun straight from our

5 Best First-Person Shooter (FPS) Games for iPhone or iPad in 2019

Don’t let the hardcore members of the PC Master Race get under your skin: you can have plenty of FPS fun even without the mouse and keyboard combo. In fact, there are now more excellent FPS games for the iPhone and iPad than ever before, ranging from old-school shooters with simple gameplay mechanics to new-school

5 Best MOBA Games for iOS in 2019

The MOBA genre is so far doing great on iOS. Several newcomers have joined the ranks of the most popular MOBA games in App Store, and, in this article, we bring you 5 best MOBA games for iOS in 2018. Vainglory Vainglory is perhaps the most popular mobile MOBA ever released. The game was unveiled

5 Best Disney Games For Girls On iOS

Parents everywhere need a break sometimes. Young kids do not just sit still, and their requests seem to be never ending. Your little girl (be it your daughter, granddaughter, niece, friends kid or even sister)  may be the one who has encouraged you to have this false expectation, but this is most likely because they

5 Best Racing Games For Kids On iOS

If there’s one thing that’s a universal truth at the young age of children, it’s that they all seem to love cars and trucks at one point in their lives. They love the sounds, the wheels, and the roaring of engines. When you go to the store, they’re always insistent that you get them another

5 Best Money Games For Kids On iOS

There are a lot of skills that your child needs to be taught before he or she is sent off to school. One of the most important things that a parent can impart into a child is correct money handling skills and fiscal responsibility. With debt becoming more and more a part of society, it

5 Best Word Puzzles For Kids On iOS

There are a number of different skills that children at least need an introduction to in their early ages, and one of those is recognizing and spelling words. We want our children to learn how to think better and to learn how to reason their way through problems. Luckily, word puzzles are a great way

4 Best Crossword Puzzles For Kids On iOS

Crossword Puzzles. You might see your Dad or Grandfather doing them at the dining room table, thinking just how silly those are; however, crossword puzzles are a fantastic way for kids to have fun and grow many beneficial skills in life. At the heart of crossword puzzles are problem solving and critical thinking skills. It