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iPhone Troubleshooting

How To Fix Common iPhone 5 Problems

Welcome to our first part in what might become a series of articles on fixing common iPhone 5 problems. Although this isn’t the latest model from Apple a lot of people all over the world are still using it. It is generally a stable device with few problems however just like any other electronic equipment

How To Fix Common iPhone 5C Problems

Apple’s iPhone 5C is the company’s first smartphone model that comes in various colors. In terms of hardware specs it is similar to that of the previously released iPhone 5. Because it is similar, most of the common problems of the iPhone 5 are also inherited by the iPhone 5C. In this article we will

Common Apple iPhone 5S Problems And How To Fix Them

A lot of people choose the iPhone 5S over other smartphone models since it simply works. If you’re thinking that you won’t encounter any issues with this device then you have a surprise in store for you. Although generally stable the iPhone 5S is still an electronic equipment which means that it is bound to

Quick Ways To Fix Apple iPhone 5S Problems

If you think your Apple iPhone 5S is free from problems, you’re wrong. Any time you may encounter one of the issues cited in this post. We understand that going to an Apple Store is a hassle and scouring support forums would take a lot of time without the guarantee of finding solutions for your

Verizon’s XLTE Network Is Now Live In 44 States

Verizon has just officially launched its new and improved 4G LTE network called XLTE. What this does is it offers an improved bandwidth which in turn maximizes the speed that a customer can get when connected to the Internet using LTE. The carrier made this possible with its acquisition in 2012 of the AWS spectrum.

Apple iPhone 5S Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) Plague Owners

Some Apple iPhone 5s owners turn to online forums to seek help from other owners who may have encountered the infamous Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD). Latest reports indicate that the new Apple smartphone has a tendency to turn blue and reboot when the blue screen bug is triggered. Owners who have experienced the problem

Rumor: Cheaper, Plastic Bodied iPhone Expected Soon

Apple has performed remarkably well in the smartphone environment from the beginning despite offering a single model compared to dozens from its rivals, especially Samsung. While Apple might be able to hold on to its position with just one iPhone model even in the near future it is pretty clear that the company will be able to sell

iOS 6.1.1 Now Available for iPhone 4s, Fixes 3G and Battery Life Issues

Apple released iOS 6.1.1 on Monday that can now be downloaded and installed by iPhone 4s owners. The updated version of the iOS 6.1, which was labeled with the build number of 10B145 and is a 23-MB download, is expected to address the issues brought by iOS 6.1 that reportedly affected the cellular performance and

IPhone 5S to Have Fingerprint Sensor, IPhone Mini to Debut Fall 2013

Rumors about the new iPhone continue to abound. KGB Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that the new iPhone will be called the “iPhone 5S,” since Apple will do nothing more in the new iPhone but make small-scale changes: faster processor chip (A7), better camera (f2.0 instead of f1.x), possibly taller than the current iPhone 5